Muriel Davie's Snaps from the 1950s

Lesley Kirby at the back; Muriel Davie and Ann Hancy at the front.  This was taken outside Lincoln Hall in the summer of 1959; the last term before East and West girls moved over to Fry Hall, clearing the way for the boys of North and South.  Muriel would love to know if anyone is in contact with Lesley -

This image was created from a tiny (3cm square) faded photo that was taken (at a guess) in the summer of 1956.  So far, of the 17 girls at the back, we can identify Jill Thorn (2), Christine Vincent (3) and Patricia Butler (9).  The girls at the front are: Jennifer Reynolds, Ann Hancy, Diana Merritt, Muriel Davie and Angela Monsey.

It's likely that they were all in East House.  If you can confirm this, or add more names, please get in touch.

"Could the girl with very dark curly hair (Number 13, I think, counting from the left) be Margaret Wilson? And could that be Jennifer Griffin with the glasses just creeping in at the right-hand edge of the picture?" - Alan Sidell

"Maybe that's Janet Cummins 4th from left (standing).  Certainly Janet but maybe my memory of her last name is faulty" - Bob Blasby

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