Motspur Park Athletics Meeting
London May 1963

Thomas ('Laurie') Lawrence, Richard Howard, Jim Gathercole, Merv Boast

Oi!  Merv! Someone's pinched yer handbag!  Seriously, these guys were terrific athletes & set many College records during their time.  It would be sad to think that those records might have been broken in later years by lesser men through benefit of intensive training, and track and footwear improvements.  I have a lasting image of Merv from the early 60's, as anchor man in the 4 x 400 yards relay, taking the baton in last position, but overtaking all the competition on the final bend to finish a glorious first.  Thanks for the memory buddy!  As someone who was a first former at the time said to me 37 years later ...  "I'll never forget him ... he could run like f*ck!"  A brilliant rugby winger as well, but that's another story...

"The athletics colours were to the best of my recollection yellow top ring red next and black bottom ring with black shorts but I cannot recall what we were representing." - Jim Gathercole  - Ian Ray replied - Norfolk County Colours   

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