Mike Dillon-Lee (Army Section of the CCF - 1973)

Picture copied from the 1973 College magazine.  Mike subsequently joined the Army and was a Bisley champion.  Sadly, he was murdered by the IRA while serving in Germany.  The following items were found on the Internet.

From register of deaths in Ireland:
01 June 1990
Major Michael Dillon-Lee (34). Status: British Army (BA), Killed by: Irish Republican Army (IRA)
Off duty. Shot outside his home, Dortmund, West Germany.

Register of Army deaths:
Major Michael Dillon-Lee - 32nd Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery - 2 June 1990 - aged 34 - shot at his home, Dortmund, West Germany - from Bournemouth. [note discrepancy in dates - Ed.]

Hansard 5 Jun 1990:
Mr. Hamilton : ........ Ironically, the fact that the IRA is increasingly searching for so-called soft targets in Britain and on the continent is a measure of the unrelenting pressure being brought to bear on it by the security forces in Northern Ireland. It should be in no doubt, however, that it will be tracked down with similar determination on whichever side of the Channel it chooses to hide. I should like to take this opportunity to praise the rapid response of the West German police to the shooting of Major Dillon-Lee, whose murderers were very nearly captured at a road-block. ........

News extract, Thurs 9 Jun 1990:
Three Irish people - Sean Hick (33), from Co Dublin, and Donna Maguire (27) and Paul Hughes (30) both from Newry, Co Down-were acquitted in Dusseldorf of murdering a British Army officer in Dortmund in 1990.  Mr Hick and Mr Hughes flew back to Dublin but Ms Maguire was remanded to face further charges.

News extract, 28 Jun 1995:
Germany: IRA member Donna Maguire is convicted of attempting to bomb a British army barracks in Germany, but is freed because of having spent almost six years in jail on remand.

Extract from 2001 internet news item:
Donna Maguire was part of an IRA unit behind a series of terror attacks on British military personnel in northern Europe during the early Nineties. In June 1990 Maguire, along with Gerard Harte, Sean Hick and Paul Hughes (all from the Newry/South Armagh area) was acquitted of the murder of Major Michael Dillon Lee in Germany.  But the German judge, Wolfgang Steller, said it was 'clear they are members of the IRA and trained as IRA volunteers'.  The AK-47 rifle that killed Dillon Lee was also used to murder Mick Islania, an RAF corporal, and his six-month-old daughter.

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