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Although most of the visual records of our College exist as camera stills, the use of cine cameras was known from the earliest days and, with the advent of affordable video cameras in the 1980s, an increasing amount of material has been captured in the form of movies.  One of the pioneers was Geography teacher 'Doc' Staveley, but to date we have been unable to trace the 16mm films that he shot; notably the first Speech Day in 1958 and numerous Geography Field Trips.

If anyone can help us locate footage, whether shot privately or by television companies, we would be keen to include clips on this web site.  It is known that Anglia TV first visited in the early 1960s and the College has featured in a number of television programmes since then.

This files here use Windows Media Video (WMV) format and will require Windows Media Player.  Download times will be considerable on dial-up - approximately 3 minutes per Megabyte.  The quality reflects the amount of compression that has had to be used in order to produce a manageable file size.  If you are unable to use WMV, please let us know and we'll put up an alternative format for you.

York Upper 6th Antics - 26 April 1964
Entitled 'A day in the life .....' - pre-dating the Beatles song of the same name by 3 years!

From Herb Atkins' diary for Sunday 26th April 1964: "Up at 7.45. Washed hair after brek.  Went down Park 10.00.  Bryn took cine film.  In and out of coffee bar, took several shots of fights etc.  House photo taken - laugh! [the one on the web site] Finished cine film on walks, fab fun but hard on the feet.  Listened to radio - Pick of the Pops - heard Shads 'Rise & Fall of Flingel Bunt.'  Lincoln Ralphs in Chapel.  Room after."

Brian Perry shot the film on what I think was a Kodak Brownie 8mm camera.  After a gap of over 40 years he rediscovered the film reel (just 50 feet in length) and brought it with him when he came to the Taverham reunion on 17th June 2006.  The services of (recommended) were then used to produce DVD copies and a computer file; the latter being processed further to create the files for this page.

Brian Perry Pete Bush, Brian 'Bruff' Porter, Herb Atkins Graham Hawken, Trevor 'Chick' Chapman, Trevor Dodd, Tony Seymour

The film also features appearances by Nicky Chittock, Richard Abrahall and Elaine Turvey.

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"Very interesting; what a great bit of film !!!!!!!!!  The sad thing is I don't remember a thing about it, but I suppose this is the first time any of us (except Brian) have seen it as it would have been processed during a holiday and then we would have had no projectors to show it.  It is good to see us all looking so young and fit, although not fit enough to catch the girls on the sports field. There were not many athletes in that group. Pete Bush I think was the only one that showed any ability, the rest of us tried to avoid too much activity."   Trevor Chapman


"I too cannot remember anything about this. But I certainly remember developing an ability to avoid too much activity!" Trevor Dodd


"This has really come out so well, and very well done for getting it in this format and loaded on the website!! Fantastic!! The movie camera was a new toy, and while we clearly had fun at the time, this won’t win any oscars!!  The closest we got to exciting stuff was the brief shot of Nicky and I in a surreptitious, but clearly intense, clinch!!  What fun."  Brian Perry

Parasol - 9 May 1987

Steve Fox was a video enthusiast in the 1980s and has a range of material, including Kett Hall rehearsing for the Mair Cup c1987/8, shots around the campus/library/refectory/sickbay, an interview with Sister Duckworth, a few words from Mr Wolsey and a couple of lads who filmed themselves sneaking into the Chapel, turning on the PA system and singing “You’ve lost that loving feeling” at the lecterns!  The first offering from Steve is the final scene from the World Premiere (we kid you not) of “Parasol” which was written by Malcolm Arnold, who lived near the College, and was staged in May 1987.

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