Two For You to Identify

These photos from Mike Ronayne were, at first, thought to have been taken in the late 1970s.  Can anyone pin the date down further please?

"I think that they are from the eighties rather than the seventies. Reason? I think that I recall that Paul Wooton and Andrew Lonsdale that are mentioned were in my rugby teams of the eighties when I was a teacher there. Certainly Paul played from Wymondham Rugby Club in the late eighties when I was also playing for them."

Cliff Martin 

"I think they must have been taken in the academic year 1985/86 or 1986/87.  They must be 6th form students (no uniform - surely can't be home clothes with ties on!) and I was in the year above Wilhem (second photo) and was in Lincoln in 84/85 and 85/86.   In the upper photo you have "NK (New Hall)" for the young lady far right in the middle row - she was indeed in New Hall, but must have been in Lincoln by the time this photo was taken, I think.   What's rather more confusing are the two NK's in the back row of the upper photo - I'd swear that one (on the left, obscured) was a boy from New and Lincoln in my year, whilst the other (on the right) joined in the 6th year in my year in Lincoln.  This is hard to square with my certainty that the rest of them were in the year below ...   With thanks for a site that brings back all sorts of memories."

Stephen Barratt (New Hall - 1979-84, Lincoln - 1984-86)

"The names of the middle girls are Emma Litson & Sarah Edwards and the back row girl is Karen Cranston, indeed all of New Hall then Lincoln. I have no idea of the lad at the back. In ref to the course, I think the bottom pic is from an A level geography lesson." - Julian Gamble

Class?  Date?

Three at front:  Andrew Lonsdale, William Webster, Sharon O'Connell
Four in the middle: Emma Litson, Sandra Snelling, Helen Watkins, Sarah Edwards (New Hall)
Five at the back:  Alex Cullum, NK, Chris Chapman, John Allison, Karen Cranston

Class?  Date?

Three at front left:  Clare Vint, Angela Davis, NK  Two behind them: Elizabeth Hulme, Steven Gray 
Four at front on the steps: Simon Morter, Selena Ottley, Matthew McGuire, Simon Clarke
Five at the back:  Catherine Traynor, Adam Jackson, Wilhelm de Neve, Paul Wootton, Jo Worby

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