North House Boys - July 1956
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Peel Hall at rear - close to completion and will be occupied by North and South girls in September 1957.

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Listed names: Philip Malt, Dennis Herrell, John Duffy, Chris Briston, Jack Hawkyard, Mrs Saunders, Rodney Cook, S---- Crisp, Robert Mapes, Robert Colson, Colin Self, Barry Williamson, Timothy Briston, David Rudd, Brian E. Newman ('Stan'), EMBA Jones, Gerald Livick-Smith, Mr Swift, Reggie Daniels, David Battersby, John Cushion, Mike Frohawk, Brian W. Newman, Barry Adkins, Barry Croxford?, Ian Logan, Trevor Sharpe, Peter Waller, David Everitt, Hugh Currell, David Ayres, M---- Capes, P---- Fenton, Tony Bennett, Roger Fiske, L.F. Boothby, Norman Alden, Sid Nurse, Anthony Armsby, Brian Norwood, Louis Gidney, Fenn ('Ben'), Tony Ellis, Peter Selby, Alan Sidell, Glynn Steward, Kevin Hayes, Richard Elsey, David Pipes, Philip Bacon, John Candler, James Marsh, George Kemp, Paul Wright, Geoffrey Balls, Simon Ellis, Vernon Fuller, Anthony Watson ('Prof'), Ian Dunlop, Iain Graham, Tony Rogers, Alan Norfolk, Melvyn Simms, John Bacon, Ian Sinclair, Jack Brown, Alan Marriott

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