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A bit self-indulgent at present; sorry! Please even it up with some of your own pics ...

Enid Stanbrook-Evans (Watson) with husband Jon (left) and Paul S. Clarke; July 2001

Brian Perry and Bill ('Herb') Atkins; 2000 - Reading

This was taken last year (2000) in London.  From the left: Steve James, Alex (Simon) Unwin and Tim Copland (me).  Steve and I were both new 3rds starting in 1972 in Gloucester, moving the next year into Cavell. Alex started in 1970 (I think) and was in New Hall, we all left in 1977.  Alex's older brother Adam and older Sister Pip also attended Wycol, as did my younger sister Karen.  Currently Alex lives in Sydney Oz, Steve lives near Guildford and I live in Hastings.  Steve and I meet most weeks in London where we both work and I visit Alex most years in Oz and he also comes over here most years.

Tim Copland

(yes, I did ask about the stork! - Ed.)

Mervyn Boast & ... er .... Dunblane 1999 Er .... and Hilary Blythe (Dewhirst) Maidenhead 2001

Al Dean and .. Cross Keys, Wymondham 29 Sep 2001

Enid Stanbrook-Evans (Watson) and Reggie Futter;
Nov 2001


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June McNeil (Hipwell), Janet Burlingham and Beryl Smith
November 2001



Wymondham College Remembered