3rd XV 1958/59

Back Row: J.F. Lowton, D.N. Whyte, T.P.C. Doe, S.D. Longdin
2nd Row: P. Fenton, S.J. Davey, M.J. Swift, J.D. Mackenzie
3rd Row: A.T. Marriott, R.J. Stone, A.G. Osler (Captain), J. W. Gallaway, C.M. Reddy
Front Row: P.L. Jackson, D.J. Beckerton

"I attach a team photo for the website that you may not have, the (in)glorious 3rd XV of 1958-59. Few will remember that such an outfit existed, and my captaincy was a consequence of ‘Buggin’s turn,’ not rugby playing prowess, as I was the senior sixth form member and, as one recollects it, a prefect … this last despite a caning by R.V. Metcalfe and temporary loss of my sub-prefect’s stripes (gaining three of the other kind in their stead) in the lower sixth as a result of ducking out from Sunday evening chapel – a claim of agnosticism was no defence in R.V.’s eyes!" - Adrian Osler

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