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Three past-pupils of the 1950s, John Beales, Terry Nicholls and Mike Herring went to Australia for the Rugby World Cup in October/November 2003 and took the opportunity to meet other past students from all College generations.  Their itinerary included Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  On Friday 31st October a dinner was held at Doyle's Restaurant (Watsons Bay, Sydney); organised by Joan Thomson (Woodbridge). 

Here is Joan's report and some photos taken by Liz Young (Bowers):

We didn't have as large a turn-out as we had expected, but those who did attend enjoyed good wine and a great seafood meal that could have only be served in Australia.  There are some things they do better here which simply cannot be beaten, and let's hope Rugby isn't one of them [it wasn't! - Ed].  John Beales gave a good speech which unfortunately was interrupted by the dessert waiter but, unfailing, he stood up and carried on where he had left off.

Those attending were:

It was a super evening and a terrific couple of days spent in Sydney.  The ten days John and Terry spent with us in Brisbane were very special. You can only reach the tip of the iceberg in such a short time but we tried to get them around to see most of the highlights of the area. We hope they will want to return for more of the same at a more leisurely pace.

John Beales, Liz Young (Bowers) and Terry Nicholls

Terry Nichols, Mike Herring, John Beales
In Perth: Sue Herring, Colin Herring, Thomas herring (my son daughter in law and grandson), Dorothy Herring, Ann Matthews (wife of late John Matthews now living in Perth), Terry Nicholls, Mike Herring
Liz Young, Terry Nichols, Robert Coulson, Mike Herring
Terry Nicholls, Robert Coulson and Sarah Cox
William Palmer and Alex Unwin
John Beales and Joan Thomson (Woodbridge)
Keith Hudson, Mike Herring and Dorothy Herring
John Beales delivering his speech against all odds.
John Beales, Joan Thomson (Woodbridge) and Terry Nicholls about to enjoy a cup of tea.

Mike Herring's Report


Ann Matthews was a very gracious host during our stay in Perth.  Ann is the widow of John Matthews, 1952 – 1959, East House. John was captain of the first fifteen rugby team and played cricket for the school as well as representing Wymondham at cross country.  John passed away about five years ago and Ann moved to Perth where her children and grandchildren live.

Vera Garner (Smith) 1952 – 1957, South House - with her husband Eddie, met up with us for dinner one evening, overlooking the Indian Ocean. Vera and Eddie came from near Fakenham and emigrated to Australia in 1968. They now have an 8,000 acre farm in Wyalkatchem in Western Australia. They did a 400 mile round trip to have dinner with us. Eddie has become a stalwart of the local community and is currently Shire President for their area.


Roger Goodwin 1957 – 1964, West and Canterbury.  Roger played cricket for the first team and later for Norfolk. Went to NZ in 1974 and then Australia in 1977. Working as a quantity surveyor in Melbourne. He and his wife, Beverley, have two sons who are both into cricket. We had an excellent evening with them in one of Melbourne’s excellent restaurants.

Sydney Reunion

Liz Young, 1956 – 59, East House.  Liz has been in NZ for the past 30 years and flew over to Sydney for the re-union.

Joan Thomson (Woodbridge)1956-1957, North House.  Joan was the “anchor” for our meetings and besides arranging the re-union in Sydney also met us in Melbourne where she and her daughter Melanie were excellent hosts. Melanie, who is an exec with the Foster brewery group, arranged a tour of one of their breweries for some of the more enthusiastic members of the tour. To cap it all she and husband David then put four of us up to see the match in Brisbane.

Keith Hudson, 1952 – 1961, Butler.  Keith came to Aus. in 1970 “looking for Maharishi but got lost on the way”. He and his Australian wife, Kathy, live in one of Australia’s most beautiful areas on Jarvis Bay just South of Sydney.

Will Palmer, 1971 – 1978.  Will played soccer and cricket for the school. He brought his 12 year old son, Matthew, along to the re-union, who fitted in very well.

Alex Unwin, 1970 – 1977, Durham and New Hall.  Alex came to Australia in 1977 and is now married with two children.

Robert Colson, 1954 – 1959, North House.  Robert came to Australia in 1962, rose to some heights in the Australian Army and now lives in Canberra. He is “happily divorced with three children and two grandchildren.”

Sarah Cox, 1979 – 1986, Cavell.  Sarah came to Aus. In 2000. She was somewhat younger than the rest of the re-union but fitted in well and contributed to an excellent evening.

Terry Nicholls, 1952 – 1959, West House.  Played for the school at rugby and cricket and later for Norfolk under 19 cricket team. One of the touring team.

John Beales, 1952 – 1959, East House.  John played rugby and cricket for the school. One of the touring team.

Mike Herring, 1952 – 1958, East House.  Played rugby and did athletics for the school. One of the touring team.







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