Wymondham College Pupils and Staff - 1957
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Staff (L to R):  Roy Tremlett, Andrew Seeley, Alan Russell, Paul Wrench, NK (Aussie/PE?), Bob Norton, Alan Carter, John Swift, John Worley, Walker, Keith Rutherford, John Ryde, David Freeman, Derek Staveley, Trevor (or Mike?) Terry, Cedric Bower, Dave Goman, Bob Mullenger, Gerald 'Chos' Powell, Jack Hawkyard, Roger Garrard, Eric Dudley, Graeme Hobday, Pip Appleyard, Ray Metcalfe, Lucy Brunning, Brenda Shepheard, Margaret Wilkinson, Margery Colls, ------ Neaves, Betty Colls, Hilda Hawkyard, ------ King?, Evelyn Bird (Muz's secretary), John Swift (?), NK, NK, NK, Mrs Pam Seeley, NK (later Mrs Hawkyard?)

"Just been looking over the site again and can give you 1 name of a pupil on the 1957 whole school photograph.  My brother Derek Smith is on the back row - as the picture is so long the best way to identify him is by reference to the staff a few rows in front - he is on the back row between Doc Staveley and Cuth Terry."

"Incidentally I think he would have a justifiable claim to be the first "second generation" pupil at the school.  He was there from 1954-1957.  Our father was one of the teachers trained in the emergency teacher training establishment that preceded the school.  He was there 1948-9 and is listed as one of those passing out in August 1949 in the programme on the site - Smith C.E.J. of 4 Manor Road, North Walsham.   As the teacher training college was for teachers from all over the country there would only have been a handful from Norfolk in the 3 courses run there so I think it unlikely (but not impossible) that any of their children would have attended before my brother.   It might be interesting to try and find out who was the actual first "second generation" pupil from the school itself (and no doubt there are now some third generation pupils and possibly even fourth ...)."

Charlie Smith (Julian Smith whilst at WC)

"A few comments on the 1957 whole-school photo, which must have been taken a term before I arrived."

  • On Bob Norton's left is Alan Carter. His initials were A C, and I'm pretty sure that Alan was the name by which he was known. He left to lecture at Cambridge Tech, now Anglia Ruskin University.

  • The senior mistress was Lucy Brunning, who taught General Science to 1A in our first year and then retired in July 1958.

  • Margery Colls's elder sister was Betty, who taught English to 1A and then retired in July 1958 (I'm afraid a pattern seems to be emerging here.)

  • Ceddy Bower (without an 's') left in 1960, after teaching English to IIIA (which looks like a hat trick, but in fact he went on to be headmaster of Wantage Grammar School).

  • 'Cuth' Terry was, I think, really Mike not Trevor but I could be mistaken. He left in about 1960 to become County Science Advisor, and was doing that job when I ran into him at a BAAS conference in 1965, which the county paid for about a hundred of its sixth formers to attend.

  • Conspicuous at seventh from left in the front row is the ash-blonde Roger Borgognoni. (I remember him because he used to thump us smaller boys - me, anyway.  He was also a gifted electrician; I suppose thumps should be preferred to shocks.)  Neil Whyte, who was also head boy in my first year, sits on Roy Tremlett's right.

One who wishes to remain anonymous
[Many thanks 'Anon' - I've amended the list below the photo per your comments. - Ed.]

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