Canterbury 6th Form

Both of these photos came from Mr Charles Parker.  The location is the Canterbury 6th Form common room in Kett Hall.


Back row:  Tony Hodgkiss, John Elflett, Malcolm Barnham, Steve Watts, Chris Rutter,  David Mills, Mr David Hilton, Mr Lawson, Mr Bob Norton
Middle row: David Riches, Martin Seaman, William Kiddell, Graham Winn, George Gawlinski, Alan Nobbs,
Front row (seated): Dennis Yaxley, Robert Newnes (crazy about Italian cars - David Mills), Robert Gawlinski


Back row (standing):  David Cutting ('Fred'), Cedric Lusher, Paul Claxton, David Fitt
Front row (starting bottom left): John Elflett, NK, William Kiddell, William Wright ('Wilbur'), Malcolm Read (House Captain 1962/63), Neil Dexter, Martin Seaman, Brian Orford, Roger Goodwin, Graham Winn

Many thanks to John Elflett, Andie Harper, Charles Parker and David Mills for identifying the faces.  David says "Wilbur Wright was in West 2nd year when I joined WC in 1958 ... he (in)famously enclosed some toads in a biscuit tin in order to find out how long they would survive. He also famously scored the winning run(s) in a House competition final ... he was last in (he was not a cricketer I remember) and the other team set the field in a very attacking field (ten round the bat?) and Wilbur sent the ball over their heads!  Wilbur had made a tankard in metalwork and this was dubbed "The Wilbur Memorial Cup" by a member of staff."

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