December 2012

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Sunday 9th December 2012 was a bitterly cold day outside, but it was warm and welcoming inside Take 5. Fifteen hardy souls still made it to ChristmasDrinks. Unfortunately Jenny Childerhouse had a bad cold; Gerry Francis took too long on the golf course, and Kathy Mesut and Vic Laird were otherwiseengaged! It was nice to see everyone again. It will be same place next year - 8th or 15th December at 12.30p.m. so make a note on your calendar.

A few pics below.

Philip Wade


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Susanne Barrett, Alan Bridges and Marion Read

David Digby and Sandra Hornigold David Digby and Philip Wade
Phil Robinson, Marion Read, Alistair Taylor and Brian Ellis Steve Read, Phil Robinson, Susanne Barrett, Alan Bridges, Marion Read  
Stephen Farthing, Brian Ellis and Steven Human Nic Barton!  

Standing: Brian Ellis, Jennie Foster, Stephen Farthing, Nic Barton, Alan Bridges, Colin Farrington, Steve Read, Steve Human, Philip Wade

Sitting: David Digby, Sandra Hornigold, Susanne Barrett, Marion Reed, Alistair Taylor, Phil Robinson








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