NEW HALL 2016 

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Jennie Foster (Clarke) and Steve Read gathered together a group from New Hall from 1973, 74 and 75 on Saturday 27th August at The Sandboy, Bawsey, King's Lynn.




Sandra Deacon [Partridge]
Phil Deacon
Chris Booth
Lesley Cottington [Simmons]
Sarah Miller [Strivens] (+ Oscar the dog)
Jules Fraser
Flossie Foulis Brown [Parrott]
Rosie Durrant
Penny Davenport
Marcus Ellis
Geoff Brown
Steve Read
Phil Robinson
Jennie Foster [Clarke]


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Geoff Brown, Phil Robinson, Lesley Cottington (Simmons), Steve Read, Rosie Durrant, Jennie Foster (Clarke), Penny Davenport, Flossie Foulis Brown (Parrott), Sandra Deacon (Partridge), Phil Deacon, Julia Fraser, Chris Booth, Sarah Miller (Strivens)

2   Sarah, Lesley, Flossie , Julia

Phil Deacon, Chris Booth, Marcus Ellis, Steve Read

4 Phil, Julia, Chris, Jennie, Marcus, Flossie, Steve, Sandra
5 Chris Booth seeing the sights of Hunstanton
6 Phil Deacon, Marcus Ellis, Sandra, Phil Robinson
7 Lesley, Julia, Chris, Flossie, Penny (has her back to us )







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