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If you can put names to any of these faces, remember the occasion and/or fix a date more accurately, please get in touch

1. Sports Day 1994. L-R Stephen Roper, Alice Abel, Andy Stent, Tom Grover

2. Sports Day 1994.

3. 1992 Cavell 5th Year - Steph Abel (5th girl from right), Vicki Alford (white jumper), Amy ?? (denim jacket, Abigail ?? (gingery hair check shirt at front), Edward Spurgeon behind Barry at back, Barry Bookham to the left of Mrs Hoare
4. 19892 Cavell 5th Year.
5. 1994.
6. 1994.
7. 1994.
8. 1994.
9. Early 1980s.  Featuring Shaun Wyles, Justin Philcox, Paul Kingston, Scott Wedderburn ..... "Also includes Henry Andrews, Euan Watterson, David Whybrow and David Woods" - Julie Espley (Roberts)
10. Early 1980s.  "Right in the foreground are Robert Robertson and Claire Anstee.  Behind Claire is Sarah Scarff.  Far right in the pink lacy dress is Sarah-Jane Lucas and I think next to her is Rachel Wexler." - Alice Walsh.
11. Early 1980s.
12. Late 1980s.
14. 1994.
15. 1994.
16. Late 1980s.
17. Late 1980s.
18. Early 1990s.
19. 1975/76. Louise Coote and Jo Barfield.

20. 1993/94. Pleasurewood Hills Take 1.

Nikki Henderson things this is earlier as girl at fron with blonde hari is Heidi Young who was in Cavell until approx 1990 

21. 1993/94. Pleasurewood Hills Take 2.
22. 1987.  Cavell 5th Year Boys.  Anti Clockwise: Marcus Chapman, Peter (Sparky) Sparkes, Kenneth (Colonel) Copeland, Darren Mortimer, Simon (Sparrow) Jackson, Steve Warne.
24. 1987.  Cavell 5th Year   Back Row: Robert Louden Brown, Kenneth (Colonel) Copeland, Darren Mortimer, Steve Warne, Amanda Sayer, Marcus Chapman, Sharon Fagg, Darren Hughes, Michael (Bubbles) Baxter, Craig, James (Benji) Wood.   Middle Row: Simon (Sparrow Jackson), Peter (Sparky) Sparkes, Adrian Belsham, ?, Alicia Wilkin, Louise Scarff, Nadine (Deano) Donelan, Henrietta Bradley, Diana Caleb, Leigh Mayhew, Miles Howard.   Front Row: Ruth Jackson, Karen Hart, Claire West Jordan, Anne Hoare.
25. Late 1980s.
26. Late 1980s.
27. Sports Day 1994. L-R Lee Harwood, Mr Hayton Williams, Mr Hoare, NK
28. 1987. Cavell 5th Year.
29. Sports Day 1994.
31. Chris Boreham and Philip Vozza.
32. "Maria Benstead, Julie Roberts, Justin Philcox, Jenny Ralfs, Henry Andrews, Toni Ryan, Jane Wills, Tammy Doe, Bridget Hooper.  At the front, David Whybrow, NK, Dominic de Hautville Bell and David Woods." - Julie Espley (Roberts)
33. 1987.
34. Early 1980s.
35.  Christmas 1988.

Back row:
Nick Mayhew, Clare Green, Sarah Banner.
4th row:
NK, Nancy Gill, Fiona Brown, Sherree Gibbs, Lara Brown. 
3rd row:
Damien -------, Toby Wood, Lucy Holland, Cathy Townsend. 
2nd row:
Daniel Bookham, NK, Jenny Goodchild, James Spurgeon, Scott Ives, Tim Ferguson, Prasad 'Bobby' Dissanayake.
Front row:
Hattie Taylor, Natalie Couchman, Sam Davies, Jo Ackroyd, Kate Drummond-Hay, Emma Langley.

.... also featuring Jason Chapman, Mark Harding and Kevin Scholes
"My apologies for some major spelling errors; you might be able to find the correct spelling if you have the '89 year book. Afraid I have lost all mine in a storage fiasco." - Sarah Banner
36. Early 1980s. Tony Jones (checked shirt).

"From the left - Grey top - Ruth McCann. Two faces in the gap - Fiona Robertson (I think this was her surname) and Amelia (don't remember the surname). In black - Becky Holland. Black top, pale leggings - Alison Cooke. With glasses - Anita Groom. Check shirt behind Tony on far right, Francis - don't remember the surname.    All of these were in the same year as me, and I attended from '81/2 to '86. This looks like it could be a 4th or 5th year photo, so I'd guess '85 or '86.   Best wishes -  Marie Iryna Bush "
37. White top - Jennifer Lawson. 1984/85? - Ann Kirton (nee Scott)
39.  "Julie Roberts, Jane Wills, Toni Ryan, Jenny Ralfs, Bridget Hooper, Tammy Doe and Maria Benstead." - Julie Espley (Roberts)
41. A bit fuzzy ...
42.Alicia Wilkins is wearing the stripy shirt in the middle about 1985-86
- Ann Kirton (nee Scott)
43. Includes a set of the refectory tables and benches made by Bob Mullenger and assistants in the school workshops c1960.
52. Mr Freeburn at the back (with glasses).