Lincoln Hall 1985/86
Mostly taken in the Quiet Room - notes in italics are by Alice Walsh

1. Alice Walsh, Fi Kilroe and Sarah-Jane Lucas.

2. Anne Saunderson foreground; at the door is Sarah Lanchbury.  Sitting down is Max Barber.

 3.  Nick Haverson behind the paper next to Max
 4. Anne Saunderson, Ben Ash, Simon Kilroe, NK.  
 5. Nick Haverson, Max Barber, NK.
 6. Stephen 'Bertie' Barrett.
 7. Anne Saunderson, with Max Barber in the background and Nick Haverson still reading the paper.
 8.  Lou Jackson, not wanting her photo taken
9. Seated is Jonathan Chappell.  Not sure whose back it is.
 10. Rob Lockwood
 11. Ben Ash
 12. I can't remember this chap's name
 13. Mrs Norton was house mistress at that time and I loved her.
 14. View from Lincoln Quiet Room.  At the front of the group of boys is Dan Johnson and right at the back with a bag over her shoulder is Lou Jackson.  I'm not sure of the rest.  

I've lost touch with Chris Rumble and would love to hear from him. - Alice Walsh

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