Founders' Day 2007
Sunday 18th November 2007

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  The opportunity was taken during the 2007 Founders' Day to celebrate the 90th birthday of Mrs Joan Sperring (nee Tebbutt) who was the Head of the Grammar School.  She arrived in September 1951 with the 'Thetford Transferees' and left in 1955 when the Grammar and Technical Schools were merged under Mr Metcalfe as Warden.   


Melvyn Roffe drawing on a combined total of 182 years experience (Joan Sperring and Lady Lincoln Ralphs).


Joan Sperring with Danielle Hammond, one of the charming students of the Principal's Council hosting Joan’s 90th birthday party in Library.


Alumni Secretary Jackie Glenn and Old Wymondhamians' Committee Chairman Colin Leaford. 


Mike Brand hands over Chairmanship to Colin Leaford. 


Ben Loombe-Temple, Jack Smith (the College's first Head Boy) and Danielle Hammond. 


Steve Read, Roger Garrard, Harry Poulton and Brenda Garrard.

Steve writes: "Harry was a Maths teacher in the 1960's/70's era and also ran the chess club.  He is still involved at County chess level."

  Adrian Hoare, Jackie Glenn and Colin Leaford. 
  Old Wymondhamians President Pat Howard (nee Marsh), Melvyn Simms and Miles Howard  
  John Sperring, Danielle Hammond, Joan Sperring.  
  Colin Hague and John Rice. 
  Danielle Hammond, Joan Sperring, NK, NK, NK (members of Principal's Council).  
  Students old and young: David Spinks, Ben Loombe-Temple, Jack Smith and Danielle Hammond.
  Peter Robertson. NK, Tony Collins. 
  Roger Garrard and Harry Poulton. 
  Pat Robertson, Brenda Collins and Tony Collins.
  Margaret Norton and Lady Ralphs.
  NK, Colin Hague, ------- Hodgson.  
  Mervyn Beck, Jack Smith, John Rice. 
  John Sperring, Joan Sperring, Melvyn Roffe and Mervyn Beck (Jackie Glenn in the background).
  Happy Birthday Joan!