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As an 'old boy' from 53 to 56 attending the Grammar side of the college, I thought you may be interested in these old photos that I took with a very basic "schoolboy"  camera towards the end of my last term.

When I started on the special 3 year grammar course in 53, there were only the nissan huts on site, as I believe it was a world war military hospital. Very cold in winter and very warm in summer. It was strictly forbidden for students to enter the construction site of the first of the new 'houses', but as you know, boys will be boys, and curiosity must be satified. While I was there, we just had four houses for competition purposes--North, South, East and West--I was in East.

I started out in the Forestry Commission after leaving school, but after 13 years found the winters were proving too severe for my health, and to cut a long story short, married, had two children and in 1970 we migrated to Victoria, Australia and have thoroughly enjoyed life since. I must add that the education I received at Wymondham was a positive help in my being able to choose my lifestyle and go to where I chose to settle and raise my family.



Construction of a boarding house.

Bill Atkins has reliably informed us that this is Peel Hall; the first of the new-construction blocks.  Peel and Lincoln had a different roof design to the others initially.


East House - July 1956

It’s a pity that the East House photo isn’t larger but I can make out the matron, Gladys Dolan (nicknamed ‘Dolly’ and ‘Scrotum’) - Bill Atkins

Mr Skoyles on a Sunday afternoon walk with Miss Goodman (girls PE teacher I think)
The lad on the left surname is Costessy, and I have forgotten the other lad's name!
A shot of the elm trees that were felled in '55

George Watson next to the metalwork block Nov '55

The water tower taken from rear of '29' 
A view of Morley Hall from the playing field on Nov 25th, 1955