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It has recently come to light that three people in the Lincoln & Cavell 1972 photo are very closely linked by their work with Tornado.  Please find attached a picture taken in November (2010) with (L - R) Richard Watton who lives in Munich and works for Panavia, myself and David Tudor who now both work in Norfolk (our employer is rather obvious).  Apart from meeting for supper the evening before the picture was taken, this was the first occasion that the three of us had met up since 1972 (although David Tudor and I now see each other daily).

Not much has changed - the chaps are still giants and I'm still of average height (but look as if I'm very short), I've lost the pigtails, David has lost his hair and Richard is trying to kid himself that he is platinum blonde!

Caroline Harrison (nee Browne)

Click to enlarge Photographic evidence from the November draw of the 100 Club in The Dog and Partridge at East Wretham.
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Photos taken at the March OW 100 Club Draw

Graham Smith and Eileen Wyatt

Steve Read and Philip Wade
Phil Robinson and Alan Bridges
Jo Voelker (Bassingthwaighte) and Jennie Foster (Clarke)


Wymondham College Remembered