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These photos have been sent in by Peter Nicholls (via Bob Cooke) and are from the late fifties/early sixties.

'Me' refers to Peter.


Summer 1958, me and Roger Cole after a game of cricket.

Summer 1960, picture of me and Ian (Knocker) Knowles on Sunday Afternoon Walks

L-R: Tommy (Debbie) Reynolds, me, Chris Nurse
L-R: Me and Mike Oakes
Summer 1960, picture of me and best friend Thomas (Lawrie) Lawrence, taken back of Dorm 28
Summer 1960, End of Term Dance. My friend Johnny Postle with his girl friend Wendy Baker
Summer 1960, picture of my best friend Thomas Lawrence (Lawrie) taken in the Dormitory, Lawrie lying on Johnny Postle's bed.

Summer 1960. End of Term Dance.

L-R: James (Jimmy) Grogan, me, Johnny Postle