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Daisy Pulls It Off 1993

Daisy Pulls it Off

The photos below were found during a clear-out of files at the College and were thought - initially - to relate to the 1993 production of Daisy Pulls It Off.  However, this theory was scotched by David Smith, who writes:

Re your question; that's definitely a later (or maybe earlier?) production of Daisy Pulls it off in the photos. I remember as I was in the 1993 production and the cast (from dodgy memory) were:

Me - Mr Granville
Nikki Fowlie - Belinda? (The one who had a crush on Mr Granville - we ended up married for real so ironic really!)
Dodie Trelpin
Sarah Hampson
Greg Dufton
Gavin Hugill (tragically killed in a car crash a few years after leaving the College)
Rachel Colley (I think??)
Holly Sandiford
Georgina Long
.... plus a few others whom I'm ashamed I can't remember.

It was directed by Mr Piper; an excellent teacher who few recognised the talents of and who left the College after two short years. I have a signed programme of all the cast somewhere.  If I can find it I'll scan and send you some photos.

So ..... please get in touch if you can confirm the date of the production shown in these photos, or identify any of the faces.







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