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The Inaugural Old Wymondhamians USA Reunion

Boston - July 2010




A small but high quality group gathered in Boston for the inaugural USA Reunion. Melvin Roffe, his wife Catherine and son Edmund and Michael Herring and his wife Jane, were joined for dinner by Jessie Davis, Dan Bookham and David and Cindy Turner. Jerry Walsh, who had been extrememely helpful with the organisation of the dinner, went down with appendicitus and was in hospital on the day of the dinner so was unable to join us. Rosemary Poulin was also unable to be with us due to her husband being ill. Our best wishes to both of them.


Mike Herring 

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Melvyn Roffe, Jessie Davis


David Turner, Catherine Roffe, Dan Bookham, Cindy Turner

Jessie Davis, Melvyn Roffe


David Turner, Catherine Roffe, Dan Bookham

Jessie Davis

4   David Turner, Catherine Roffe, Dan Bookham, Cindy Turner, Melvyn Roffe, Edmund Roffe, Jane Herring
5 Melvyn Roffe, Jessie Davis, Edmund Roffe, Jane Herring







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