New Hall Boarders May 1982
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Back row: NK, NK, Sarah Hemstead, Roger Sketcher, NK, Jon Chappell, NK, Daniel Jordan, NK, ?someone who grew up in Antigua?, Tanya Harding, Simon McGuire, NK, Saul Brennan?, NK, Chris Rumble, Elena Baron, Mark Catlitt (sp?), Emma Christmas, Stephen Barratt, Simon Reeves, NK, One of the twins - Elspeth or Catriona (I cannot remember their surname - is the other twin sitting in front of Mr Rutherford?), NK
5th row: NK, Richard Russell, NK, NK, Liz Cleverly, Simon Harris, Sarah Litson, Krishna Ramseebaluck, Katie Smith, Johnathan Wheeler, NK, Andrew Bond, Jane Hodgson, Mark Rolph, Anna Wheeler ....... 3rd from right "Spooner"
4th row: Danny Crewe, Sharon Colyer, Stephen Petts, Darienne Hack, Tom Baron, Traci Purple, James Juby, Camella Lodge
Third row (seated):  Mrs Weaver (9th from left),
Mr & Mrs Rutherford, Peter Cook, NK, Luke Hayman ...
Second row (kneeling): in front of Mrs Weaver - Emma Litson
First row (cross-legged):  Graeme Purple, Julian Gamble ..........

  Sarah Hemstead's 'flop'

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