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Morley St. Peter Morley St. Botolph

Who remembers the confirmation classes on Sunday afternoon?  As a first former, walking around the locality in a crocodile with a member of staff and a couple of prefects every Sunday lost it appeal (did it ever have any?) and hearing that these classes were run instead of walks we signed up.  They lasted every Sunday for a year, ending with the Bishop of Thetford attending the College chapel and carrying out the confirmation. The classes were run by Anderson and Henheran, Vicar of Morley.

Once you were confirmed you were allowed to attend communion at the local church on a Sunday Morning.  You had to forego your 30 min lie-in and also book a late breakfast.  The advantage was that it got you out of the College and a chance for a quick smoke; one walking up and another walking back!  There was a rota worked out for which houses could attend on which weeks.  Three Sundays it was at St Peters, up the hill, and the final Sunday of the Month at St Botolphs in the village.   We decided that it was a nicer and quieter walk up to St Peters, so we started attending every week, missing only the 4th Sunday at St Botolphs.

We became such regular attendees, that the Rev Henheran used to get us to do the collection etc. for him. The advantage of that was that, if we were short of cash that week, we could get away without putting anything in the collection plate and no one would notice.

I wonder what happened to the Rev Henheran?  I believe I read somewhere that he moved to a Parish in Yorkshire.  He also taught RE at the College and was a decent bloke.

Colin Farrington

There was another great benefit in attending Sunday afternoon church in Morley St Peter in lieu of 'walkies' (on top of Sunday a.m. or evening chapel starring D. 'Jesus' Anderson).  My girlfriend Julia -----  and I used to turn up at the church half an hour early for our own special type of choir practice, which meant I was one of the very few College types who actually looked forward to Sunday afternoons probably.

There was this churchwarden who shook violently all the time -even worse then Wobbly Wood.  The story went that he had been badly shell-shocked during the War so that it was a psychological thing rather than a physical defect.

So Morley St Peter has a very special place in my heart.  I definitely did have some pictures of Julia taken just outside the church with a twinkle in her eye after a very religiously moving experience!

Ian Gomeche








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