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On 21st July a reunion was organised by Geoff Lewis (65-72) at  the Colllege  primarily to commemorate 50 years since the 1972 leavers departed, but naturally included anyone else of that era who may have been at WC at the time. A number of year groups were well represented.  A tour of the Campus was followed by a barbeque provided by the College.                                                                            


The photos below were taken by Steve Read and Phil Robinson.   Lots more to be seen on the Alumni F/B page:-


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1 Queuing for the BBQ  2 Sandra Howard and Kevin Emmerson in deep discussion! 
3 Troughing time!   4  Part of College Tour - by the Pond & where the "Holy Goman Empire" TD block was once located!
5 John Herring; Kevin Emmerson; Marcus Ellis; Maggie Herring [John's wife]  6 BBQ Time! 

 Kevin Emmerson; John Herring; Maggie Herring [John's wife]

8 Marcus Ellis; Steve Read; Mel Read [Steve’s daughter] 
9 Phil Robinson & Ian Cairns  11  USAAF Army Hospital Memorial – by the Pond
12 A 'parched' park!  13 Troughing time! 

 Phil Robinson; Kayleen Parnham [Rate] Chris Parnham, Mel Read [Steve’s daughter & bar manager!]

15  Marcus Ellis; Maggie Herring [John’s wife]; John Herring; Gill Thompson [Norman] (PR in background)
16   17 Part of College Tour - by The Chapel 
18 The Chapel - last remaining Nissen hut undergoing major refurbishment incorporating the Heritage Centre    Part of College Tour - by the Chapel
























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