Sprowston Manor; 30th June 2006

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Mervyn Taylor, Terry Coppin, Aubrey Hammond & Philip Wade Philip Wade Philip Wade
Aubrey Hammond & Terry Coppin Tony Wyatt (Esme McNulty's husband), Roland Clarke, Tony Moulton, Barry Croxford As before, in reverse order!
Roger Hubbard, Neil Whyte, David Spinks & Mike Rees Bob Rowell, Terry Nicholls & Tony Lake Bob Rowell, Mike Herring & Terry Nicholls
Terry Coppin, Mervyn Taylor, Steve Read & Philip Wade Philip Wade & Terry Coppin Maggy Skipp (Smith), Janet Couperthwaite (Wing), Pat Woldridge (Dack) & Pat Harvey (Basey)
Barry Croxford & Barry Adkins Steve Read & Mike Herring Geoff Morter & Tony Moulton
Terry Nicholls & Bill Wiskin Peter Read, Pat (Dack) & Maggy (Smith) Pat Harvey (Basey) & Ruth Chase (Browne)
Terry Nicholls, Bill Wiskin & Barry Adkins at the back.  Hubert Harbord, Tony Lake & Janet (Wing) Pat Meek (Morris), Ann Pyle (McCafferty), David Whyte, Mike Herring & Roger Hubbard Roger Hubbard, Mike Herring, Peter Woods & Mike Rees
Mervyn Taylor & Neil Whyte   Terry Coppin, Hubert Harbord & Tony Lake

A report on the day from Bob Rowell:

Sprowston Manor was again the venue for our Golf Day and reunion and on a pleasant summer day we enjoyed meeting again and also welcoming those who joined us for the first time.  The golf was well contested and the gathering in the evening good fun.

The golf was won by Philip Wade who I am sure will be back next year to defend the title and hopefully will bring with him more of his friends from the Sixties.

Longest drive: Roger Hubbard
Nearest the pin: Terry Coppin
Ladies prize: Muriel Blowers
Award for greatest endeavour: Mike Herring

It will be Mike's endeavour to relinquish this title next year!

Arrangements have been made to meet again in 2007 on June 29, with no increase in cost.  Hopefully not too many of us will have holiday or other commitments and that any event at the College takes place that weekend.

Please put the date in your diary.  I can be contacted on 01629 582229, 07710229126 or bob.rowell@virgin.net.

Best Wishes, Bob Rowell.

Those attending were:

Barry Adkins
Richard Blowers
Muriel Blowers (Currie)
Ruth Chase (Brown)
Roland Clarke
Terry Coppin
Janet Couperthwaite (Wing)
Barry Croxford
Jean Gouldthorpe (Southgate)
John Gouldthorpe
Aubrey Hammond
Pat Harvey (Basey)
Huby Harbord
Mike Herring
Roger Hubbard
Tony Lake
Pat Meek (Morris)
Brian Meek
Geoff Morter
Tony Moulton
Terry Nicholls
Beverley Nicholls
Tony Pyle
Ann Pyle (McCafferty)
Peter Read
Steve Read
Mike Rees
Phil Robinson
Bob Rowell
Glenda Sewell (Angell)
Maggie Skipp (Smith)

David Spinks
Mervyn Taylor
Philip Wade
David Whyte
Neil Whyte
Jennifer Wickam (Howell)
Bill Wiskin
Pat Woldridge (Dench)
Peter Woods
Mavis Wood (McNulty)
Esme Wyatt (McNulty)
Tony Wyatt







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