The Sixties Bunch 60th Birthday Reunion
Wensum Valley Hotel & Country Club
12th September 2009

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Friday 11th September 2009.  A nice sunny afternoon for me and Gerry Francis to play a round of golf, with Alan Bridges joining us for a walk half way round.  Come 5 p.m. we are in the bar and soon joined by David Jackson, Jackie Dyer (Pratt), John Young, Eileen Wyatt (Pearson) and Susanne Barrett (Milligan).  Supper at 7.30ish was very good and while dining we were joined by Annette Booth (Spear) and Kathy Mesut (Eastwood) which was a very pleasant surprise.

Saturday 12th September 2009.  The five of us staying over breakfasted well and afterwards strolled to the small craft / garden centre perhaps a mile away. Another sunny and warm day to be sitting outside the local coffee shop enjoying a coffee and some good banter.  John Young even bought a 2 cup teapot from the kitchen shop – had been looking for one of those for ages!

 Back to the hotel for more lounging, a swim for two of us, and a snack if needed.  David Spinks dropped by for a surprise visit.  While enjoying the sunshine on the patio area one by one by two Mark Brayne, Adrian Marfleet, Amanda Grantham (Peace), Alistair Taylor, Christine Wakefield (Houseago), Desmond Lyons, Victor Laird, George Zajicek, Annette, Kathy, Christopher Thatcher and David Digby all arrived.

 Later we were joined by Steven Human, Sandra Hornigold (Leeks), Gerald Francis, Graham Smith, Eileen and Susanne.

 Of the 23 there were 6 who were along for the first time so there was plenty of ‘Nope, can’t place you at all’ to ‘I certainly know who you are!’ Not surprising after some 40 years apart. Plenty of hugs and kisses too! Victor brought along his original College cap! (Still fits!!!)

 We enjoyed an excellent dinner with various drinks. Many thanks to Desmond for buying everyone a glass (or two) of quality champagne for a toast, and to George for magically producing a box of the very more-ish Thornton’s chocolates. Thanks also to the hotel for their organization and service.

 It was a most enjoyable evening enjoying the company of and mingling with good friends; reading the old magazines; looking at old photos; telling once more those stories about the things we did (particularly after lights out!) discussing the Saturday dance and recalling which staff were nice and which weren’t.

There was plenty of fun, laughter, friendly banter and reminiscing; a mention for those who sent a message wishing they had been able to come along and importantly remembering those friends who sadly are no longer with us.

 In a nutshell I guess that’s what reunions are all about.


Sunday 13th September 2009.  Up for breakfast at 8 a.m. with Adrian and slowly everyone who stayed over drifted in too. By lunchtime we had all headed off for home – another successful reunion over far too quickly.

 It was very pleasing to see so many there, particularly when looking at the distance some had traveled. It was also pleasing to see how once more everybody enjoyed each other’s company. And so we move on to the next reunion!

As Vera Lynn sings “We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day!

Philip Wade









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