Sixties Bunch in Bristol

April 2016

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And so, on 18th April 2016 we travelled by train to Bristol, all arriving around lunchtime. First thing after unpacking was have a drink in the bar, fill the ‘magic purse’ and plan what to do. We strolled to the Waterfront, looked in at the Tourist Information, went over the foot-bridge, crossed the green, passed a few pubs on backstreets leading to the river and a good looking burger-restaurant, before turning left into the narrow streets that housed the indoor market! Finally back to the hotel for a soak, wash and brush up before strolling back to Wetherspoons V-Club on the waterfront for a delicious supper. Finally a drink back at the hotel.

Tuesday after breakfast we took the bus to Clifton Bridge and visited their information centre. A nice coffee break was taken on a terrace overlooking the gorge and bridge prior to the stroll around Clifton Village. The bus took us back to the city where we wandered through the indoor markets and finally settled in the Commercial Rooms for a well earnt drink. Once refreshed we strolled beside the River to the Old Market area where there was nothing much at all. There was time for afternoon tea in a nice café before back to hotel for wash and brush up / taking time out in the nearby garden and visiting the oldest church in Bristol which was close by. Dinner was in the Brewer’s Fayre attached to the hotel followed by a night at the theatre for four, to see Mama Mia.

Wednesday it was Bath all day and Cosmo by night. With our bus passes in hand we caught the bus to Bath. First stop was Costa for coffee and as it was Steve’s birthday they presented him with a chocolate muffin – how nice was that? In bright sunshine we made our way to the Crescent at which point we received a call from Dave Digby to say he and his wife Jan had arrived to spend time with us. We met up in the square behind the Baths and soon found a quiet bar to enjoy a drink in and have a good natter. Sometime later we emerged to take the air in the square and listen to the buskers / visit the cathedral. After Dave and Jan had said their goodbyes we took afternoon tea in the gardens by the river – very pleasant. In the evening we went to Cosmo – a pay one price / eat as much as you like establishment with some 150 dishes from around the world – ‘you gotta eat there!’ We enjoyed Mojito cocktails, wine, etc. to celebrate Steve’s birthday. To work off the calories we strolled back to the hotel looking out for Banksy artwork, and there was some to view.

On Thursday we visited the Museum, Cabot’s Hill, the Cathedral (nice lunch) and of course a drink in a pub. A walk by the other side of the river down to the steel steamship Great Britain, We were invited to join a short lecture about a ship named the Royal ??? before catching the shortest ferry ever across the river. Back to the hotel for the the usual wash and brush up and off to Wetherspoons VClub for an early supper so we could watch the lighting of the beacon to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Friday morning was spent in the M Shed museum which was well worth the visit. Then it was time for us to head home.

Another enjoyable few days away with good company and the weather was very kind.

Philip Wade


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John Young, Sandra Hornigold, Susanne Barrett, Alan Bridges and Steve Human Philip Wade, Alan Bridges, Susanne Barrett, Sandra Hornigold and John Young Philip Wade, Sandra Hornigold, John Young, Alan Bridges, Susanne Barrett and
Steve Human.
Philip Wade Steve Human and Sandra Hornigold Steve Human with birthday cake!
Steve Human, Alan Bridges, Susanne Barrett, Sandra Hornigold and John Young Susanne Barrett and Sandra Hornigold Susanne Barrett and Steve Human

Susanne Barrett and Philip Wade John Young and Alan Bridges John Young and Dave Digby
Alan Bridges and Sandra Hornigold Art in Bristol  







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