July 2014

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The Sixties Bunch met at the Liberty Bounds pub near Tower hill for summer drinks. There was an afternoon and evening shift - some joined for one, some for the duration!

I joined them for the first time and they are a lively, friendly bunch. I managed to take some photos on my phone (sorry about the quality) of the afternoon shift and Philip Wade sent through some from the evening.

They are good fun and well worth joining them next time if you can.

(I didn't get a couple of the names but will add these when they have been confirmed by Philip!)


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John Young and Eileen Wyatt Philip Wade and Duncan Jones Alan Bridges and John Young
Philip Wade and Alan Bridges Victor Laird and Mandy Grantham (Amanda Peace) Mandy Grantham (Amanda Peace) and Susanne Barrett
Roger Hayward, Alan Bridges, Patrick Turner, Suzanne Barrett and Victor Laird The boys without Suzanne, all of Gloucester House









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