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After many years searching I eventually caught up with old friend from WC, Bryan Newman. Bryan was a very good athlete and features on several of the wcremembered photos as well as being in the skiffle group. He represented the school and Norfolk at the All England Athletics championship on at least one occasion. It was about 35 years since we last met. Bryan split up from his wife roughly at the time that I headed off to Australia and then dissappeared!

I had tried all of the people search systems that I knew of but not knowing where in the country he was it had not been successful. I eventually tracked him via his ex wife - Jenny Hannah. Her dad was a very famous WW2 VC who put out a fire in a Hampden bomber with his bare hands. There is a lot on the web about him and on one site there was a comment from one of his grandsons - Jenny's nephew. I left a message on the site and then forgot about it. But low and behold about four months later I got Bryan's e mail address via the editor of the site.

Together with another mutual North Norfolk friend we went down to see Bryan at his home near Teignmouth in Devon. He retired from teaching early and moved to Devon where he has become a very (in my opinion) good artist. You'll see some of his work in the background of the pictures.

Mike Herring


Just goes to show you should never give up looking for people - Ed.





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