17th June 2006

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Once again we are are very grateful to Enid (nee Watson) for setting up a reunion evening for those of us who parted company with the College back in the mid-Sixties.  About three dozen of us made it, including three who had travelled long distances: Brian Perry (Kenya), Eldred Bobbin (South Africa) and Paul S. Clarke (Canada).

Thanks to Trevor Chapman and Roger Lincoln for the photos.

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Maiden names used throughout!

Enid Watson, Wally Gowing and Mary George Kay George and Tony Seymour Trevor Chapman, Bob Cooke and Margaret Stokes
Brian Perry and Mike Hammond (with Eldred Bobbin making a getaway at the right) Roger Lincoln, Kay George and Bill (Herb) Atkins Ann Galloway and Roger Lincoln
Wally Gowing and Mary George Brian Perry, Paul S. Clarke and Mike Hammond John (Speedy) Elflett and Evi Hutchcraft
Enid Watson and Eldred Bobbin Trevor Chapman, Bob Cooke and Ann Galloway Ann Galloway, Margaret Stokes and Brenda Myhill
Brenda Myhill, Irene Cooper and Margaret Kilgour (?) Peter Nicholls, Linda Chapman and Trevor Chapman Mary George and Bill (Herb) Atkins
Paul S. Clarke, Mike Hammond, Enid Watson and Eldred Bobbin Vivienne Leach and Evi Hutchcraft Viv & Evi with Tony Seymour, Bob Cooke, Trevor Chapman, Peter Nicholls and John Elflett
Mary George, Wally Gowing and Kay George 'All of the above' - Take 1 Eldred Bobbin, Enid Watson and Paul S. Clarke
  'All of the above' - Take 2  







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