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Old Boys

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Some Tales

The 1st XV - Zigger Zagger and all that.
My First Game - An account by Ben Carter of his first game for the 1st XV.

The highlight of my time at WC was a rugby trip to Millfield school in Somerset (the only time any school teams went there in my time and possible at all), in the 1965/66 season. Two teams went, the 1st XV and the Under 16 XV. Being so far away the journey down had to be made the night before.

Both XVs were entertained by their opposite numbers and we heard that drinking was part of the 1st XV's evening. The Under 16's were taken to the cinema but many of us acquired bottles of Scrumpy from off-licences on the way. There were more of us with hangovers than without when the game started the following day. Whilst the first XV were being beaten by about 30 points, the Under 16's were thrashing Millfield's Under 16's (or would have been had we not had umpteen tries disallowed by a biased home ref). Our game came to an unfortunate early end (still at 0-0) when one of our three-quarters - Herbie Thirtle - suffered a dislocation and it took 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. Still, it allowed us all an early bath and to sleep off the previous night's excesses!

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