1972 Ski Trip
Sorry about the definition - rare Kodak steam camera shot

Phil Vozza: '1972 ski holiday in Myrofen.  The great Mr Seeley at rear centre, with Mr Saunders to the RH side.  Judith Best in front.  A great holiday, written up in the WyCol Magazine 1972, I believe.'

Judy Bailey (Best): I'm the short blonde creature in the blue sweater.  Debbie Hill (Deeley) is the ginger-haired girl in the purple anorak.  The article in the Magazine highlighted exploits on the 'Fascings Dienstag' that year.It was a holiday where where skiers were encouraged to wear fancy dress on the slopes.  Only having my regular packed clothes with me, I improvised, and was seen making my way down the slopes wearing a pink nightie, black swimming costume over my clothes and a pair of tights on my head ... I wish I could say I've grown up since then!'

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