Staff vs. Pupils Soccer Matches

We think that most (perhaps the first 5) of these photos relate to a match that was played on a pitch in front of Morley Hall - but when?  The date of 1952 was attributed initially, but the following facts indicate that it may have taken place later:

The results for the 1955/56 season record that a match against the staff resulted in a 5-1 win for the pupils.  If you can identify more faces, particularly those of the College team, it will be possible to pin the date down further.

Is that Jack Hawkyard who has just kicked the ball? Could also be Mr Worley in the other dark shirt.
Bob Norton is between the competing pair.
Dave Goman on the right.
Very blurred photo, but it's Andy Seeley who has just kicked the ball.
Jack Hawkyard takes a tumble.
This could be a different match, given the trees in the background.
Andy Seeley in goal.
A farm worker (or groundsman) stops to watch.
Icy conditions.

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