West House Boys - 1955
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Back row:  2 David Burdett, 7 Philip Forrest
4th row:  1 Adrian 'Fred' Mowser, 9 Bob Rowell (above Roger Garrard's right shoulder), 13 Geoffrey Benyon
3rd row:, 4 Graham Dye, 5 Brian Winn, 6 Allan Chilvers, 7 Roger Garrard, 9 Graham Crane
2nd row :
1 David Whyte?, 5 Adrian "Twinks" Smith, 13 Eric Peacock
Front row:
  1 David Allison, 6 Neil Whyte?

"The fact that I think I can see Twinks and Allison in this picture and they started the same year as me in Butler 25 (Autumn 1954) I suspect that this picture was not taken until either late 54 or sometime in 1955. The leafy shrubs persuade me to favour 1955." - Dennis Herrell.

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