Eight Snaps from the Fifties

Photo A - Dougie Knights, Kevin Westnott, ----- Knight, Shirley Johnson, Pauline Crowe
Photo B - Kevin Westnott, Reggie Daniels, Graham Crane, John Bacon
"Sunday afternoons we were allowed out from the College for walks. Segregated areas of course but I remember we were senior enough (prefects?) at this time to be allowed in the girls' areas. Guess the year at 54 or 55." - Kevin Westnott
Photo C - Sylvia Caston, Kathleen Bailey, Terry Coppin
Photo D -
NK, Jackie Williams, Valerie Preston, NK, NK

Photo E - Peter Read + Hubert Harbord
Photo F - Kevin Westnott, Brian Lee, Brian Leverett
Photo G - Cynthia Robinson, Brian Winn, Stuart Handley, Judy Harris
Photo H -
Terry Coppin + Alan "Tubby" Eaton

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