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Narrative and photos from Philip Wade
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Friday 4th April 2003

Arrived at Olivers Hotel at 11am where I met Graham Smith, Sandra Wright and Sandra’s husband Bill. After coffee and sandwiches us men headed off to the Lakeside golf club. Helen Clack arrived as we left. Helen and Sandra disappeared into St Ives for a bit of shopping. Golf was great fun and the weather stayed sunny if a bit breezy.

By the time we got back to the hotel, Sandra Leeks, Eileen Pearson, Alan Bridges and Marion Rix had all arrived. Sundowners at 6pm followed by a wash and brush up before dinner. Susanne Milligan arrived in time for dinner as did George Zajicek. Eleven around the dining table. The food was excellent washed away with nice wine etc. Lots of stories told and plenty leg pulling as usual. Round about 10pm Alistair Taylor appeared. Had driven down from Lancashire, and still had to go home near Wisbech! Most, including Alistair, stayed up till after midnight.

Back four are Alistair Taylor, Chris Ashton, Sandra Leeks, Graham Smith; Mid-field of Philip Wade, Eileen Pearson, Alan Bridges and Marion Rix, and up front are Helen Clack, Sandra Wright and Susanne Milligan
Alan Bridges and Sandra Leeks
Helen Clack, Sandra Wright and Susanne Milligan
Helen Clack, Philip Wade and Sandra Wright
Sandra Wright, Marion Rix, Eileen Pearson, Sandra Leeks and Helen Clack

Saturday 5th April 2003

Up for early breakfast in the conservatory. George was first in, and the remainder trickled in. We were greeted with "Full English breakfast?" by the staff. After the previous night’s dinner I declined, but others did it proud. Choosing the horses for the Grand National was the first priority. After breakfast we said farewell to George as on Sunday he was off for a skiing holiday with his family.

Two by two we strolled into St. Ives, first port of call being the bookies. Then a stroll around the town, a visit to the Norris museum and finally settling down for coffee / drinks at the Dolphin Hotel watching the boats go by. Six people wandered off to the marina while four of us wandered back into town where two of us went to have our blood pressure taken! Both ok!

Everyone had eventually made it back to the hotel when John Young arrived. John had just driven up from Surrey. Hadn’t changed a bit and what a nice surprise, as John had said he would try and make it. Lots to chat about again before heading upstairs to Susanne’s room to watch the Grand National. Didn’t get the winner but managed second and fourth, so didn’t lose much. John had to leave for home after a few hours with us, but really great to see him.

No sooner had John left than Christopher Ashton arrived dressed for dinner as did Alistair Taylor. Everyone dressed up in finery and dj’s as normal. Food and wine could not be faulted again. We retired to the bar after dinner where more stories, plans for the future, further reunions were all talked about. We sure have turned into an interesting bunch of characters. Just after midnight all safely tucked up in bed except for Chris and Alistair who were driving home!

Philip Wade and Susanne Milligan with Alastair Taylor standing
Alan Bridges and Alastair Taylor
Alan Bridges
Eileen Pearson
Graham Smith

Sunday 6th April 2003

Up for early breakfast in the dining room where once more we were greeted with "Full English breakfast?" by the staff. And again after the previous night’s dinner I declined, but others did it proud for the second consecutive time.

The weather was somewhat chilly but after breakfast 8 of us walked (2 went by car!) through town, across the meadows and finally arrived at a pub in Hemingford as they opened at noon. Coffee and drinks most welcome. The landlord provided a bowl of hot crackling which was very tasty. Plenty chit chat and laughter. Then we prepared for the chilly walk back to the hotel. Three went back by car! We booked out of the hotel and then sat and drank more tea and coffee before saying our farewells and going our own various ways. Another successful gathering, shame it had to end.

Graham Smith, Helen Clack and Susanne Milligan
Alan Bridges
Bill Waller
Sandra Wright and Philip Wade


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