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Philip Wade
1960 v 2003
Joan Woodbridge
1957 v 2002
Pat Basey
1954? v 1997
David Spinks
1954 v 2001
Barry Wood + Alan Corrigan
1962 v 2015

Brian Perry & Herb Atkins
1964 v 2000
John Chapman
1957 v 1995
Ben Carter
1980 v 2001
Richard Hines (with Jen)
1961 v 2005

Brian Perry (with his wife Helena)
1964 v 2016

Re Pat Basey (above): "Pat was the first student to step foot in Wymondham College in the Spring of 1951. She had to alight very quickly from the first bus to arrive, as she was going to be sick! And sick she was, at the feet of the new Warden, Doctor Mosby." - David Spinks.

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Gill Norman

Phil Robinson Guy Pettit Chris Parnham
Ian Almond Lynne Semmens Leon Andrew Marcus Ellis

David Cook Julia Bennett Peppy Metson Robin Postle
Mike Glister Simon Turtle Moira Greenlee John Herring

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