Course 53 - 1980
Photo taken in classroom 36c

I was just looking through the web site and was quite amazed to actually find that I was on one of the photos within Sue Therrien's collection.

A bit of background first I suppose.  I was a day pupil at the College from 1975 until 1982 being one of those pupils that were actually in three Houses during their tenure at the college.  I started off in Peel, moved to New when Peel became a sixth form house and then when I joined the sixth form I moved into Lincoln. I honestly do still say that the days at the College were the best days of my life.

I still have quite fond memories of Sue Therrien, being taught English for four out of five years by her, the exception being the third year when I was taught by the unforgettable Mr Norton.  It was with a bit of trepidation when I therefore scanned the photo of course 53 in 1980 that is in her collection.  There I am though, fourth from the left in the grey jumper (yes, sticking my tongue out for some reason).  I can name quite a few of the boys in the picture but most of the girls names are now beyond me (apart from the fact I have still got somewhere in the attic all the College yearbooks which will have the names in).

The names I do know are:  David Baxter in the tank top second from the left, behind him Robert Hodd and standing behind Sue is Richard Hull.  In front of Sue is who I believe to be Jonny Woods.  I'm next to Jonny and behind me is Antony Collins.  The next block of pupils I'm at a loss to name apart from the blonde-haired girl in the centre who is Nancy Mclean.  Mark Spriggs is then standing on the table with I think Michael Hawes next to him.  Stephen Smith can just be seen below him with Peter Sayer to his right.

 They are all the people I can put faces to names to, although there are some people who must be in the picture who I don't recognise - it is 27 years after all.

Anthony Wright ("Ant" or "Scruffy")  

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