Mr Thornley - Making Hay
Taken 1961.  Probably Fry Hall in the background.

"It was so nice to see a picture of Michael Thornley, left-handed with a garden fork.  I wish I could remember if he played the fiddle left-handed, too. Who else remembers his marginal ATQA ('Answer The Question Asked')?  Good, too, to see John Worley.  Such decent men, both of them, and Mike (who was my form master for three years in all) a teacher of great gifts." - Anonymous.

"I was also pleased to see a photo of Mike Thornley - he taught me Maths for a couple of years and I liked him - I can't remember how to do simultaneous equations but I can remember him saying to, I think, Ian Newby, 'Boy, your books are autumnal - all the leaves are falling out!' and laughing strenuously at his own wit!" - Sue Culley

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