Views in the Park

A 1960 photo taken by Mike Thorogood from the middle of what was then the athletics track, looking north across the area now occupied by the Sports Block. The water tower is in the distance. Within a few years a classroom block was built in this area that was initially used mainly by CGS students. The line of large oak trees was used during biology lessons to study the growth of green algae on their trunks.
Staff houses and running track in 1963 (photo by Jim Gathercole). The Staff houses are beyond the original athletics running track - note the severe slope. By the following year this would be moved to the "Jungle" area at the bottom of the park where the ground was flat. The huts housing the science labs are just visible to the right behind the trees.
Another Jim Gathercole photo, this being a view of the path that leads from the back of the sports block through to the park. This was used mainly by the boys when exiting from the changing rooms to get to the sports fields and back afterwards. It would be while running through here that the Rugby 1st XV would perform the chant, "Zigger, Zagger..."  This would ideally be timed so that the players would exit from the trees, at the far end, just as the chant finished.

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