U13 XI 1974
previously thought to have been U14s of 1973

Back row: Mr. Poulton, Bob Barringer, John Knowlden, Robert Morgan, Kevin Sketcher, Tim Prouty, Mark Cattermull, Anthony Maris (Scorer)
Front: Peter Rutherford, Robert Webb, Garry Clarke, Justin Edrich (Capt.), Richard Chalk, Michael Bulmer

"The pic noted as U14 XI 1973 was in fact the 1974 U13 XI with me absent because I had rubella and was in sickbay for a period of the cricket term and I believe that's why I missed the photograph." - Jimmy Catchpole

I asked Tim Prouty why his was the only jacket that was not buttoned and if that was a Brutus shirt that Bob Barringer was wearing. This was the reply - Ed.

First, in answer to your question about the open blazer. I was a slob; pure and simple. I remember the great John Shepherd shooting me that characteristically disdainful look of his (You may recall it. It made the look's recipient feel like he was wearing a turd on his head.) one day and exclaiming, "Prouty! You look like The Wreck of the Hesperus!"

May well have been a Brutus shirt Bob Barringer was wearing. When Carly Simon wrote her now infamous little melody it wasn't Warren Beatty she was referring to, as was often speculated, or Cat Stevens, or even Mick Jagger, but Bob. He was classic, "Pull-on-sight," and never met a mirror he didn't like! Bob was one of my best mates and would probably put my head through a plate-glass window for saying that but since I'm 5000 miles away thought I'd try and slide it in. In latter years, apart from going on to play for England Colts and the Norfolk Senior Side at Rugby, Bob's other claim to fame was the wearing of a ridiculously long Leeds United scarf, wrapped about 3 times around his neck and then left trailing fashionably just above the ground over an imperious dark blue great coat. I think he fancied himself on the album cover for Al Stewart in "Year of the Cat" or something! Great bloke, but far too good looking!

That U13 cricket XI was the nucleus for arguably the finest Wycol team to put into the field: The 1978 1st XI. There may have been teams from the Andy Seeley era which were better - indeed Andy Seeley would probably be able to give the definitive answer to that question since his ample frame was still very much in evidence in 1978 - but it was nonetheless a superb collection of talent which gathered together for winter nets in the sports hall in January of that year.

Tim Prouty

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