16th November 2002

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Chris Parnham & Clare Marshall (Cooke)
Colin Leaford, Steve Read & Simon Turtle
Duncan Ferguson, Judy Crooks (Kingsmill) & Ian Almond
Guy Pettit, John Herring, Steve Chapman (Gill Thompson (Norman) & Steve Read in background)
Jo Voelker (Bassingthwaighte), Shirley Grey (Frosdick) & Lynn Rose (Semmens)
Judy Crooks (Kingsmill) & Robin Postle.  Suggested captions:

"Judi, stop concentrating on reaching the fag packet or we'll never get there at all"
"No, I'm still getting no sensation"
"Is yours tipped?"
"No - I still can't find it"
"Well it looks like a knob, only smaller!"

Judy Crooks (Kingsmill) & Gill Thompson (Norman)
Lynn Rose (Semmens) & Steve Read
Moira Scott (Greenlee) & Lynn Rose (Semmens)

Phil (Pilgrim) Robinson
Phil Robinson, Neil Sparrow, John Herring & Colin Leaford
Sandra Howard & Ian Almond
Sandra Howard, Clare Marshall (Cooke) & Moira Scott (Greenlee)
Simon Turtle & Steve Roy
Stella Howchin (Sparkes) & Simon Turtle
The morning after....Sandra, Simon, Stella, Neil, Robin, Guy, Lynn & Moira
Wycoll Old Boys & Girls 1st team 2002

Left to right: Norman G., Fosdyke S., Kingsmill J., Howard S., Postle P.,
Sparks S., Leaford C., Parnham C., Robinson P. (Capt.), Cooke C.,
Bassingthwaighte J., Roy S., Chapman S., Pettit G., Semmens L., Greenlee M.

Half of Chris Parnham, Gill Norman, Steve Roy, Claire Marshall, Guy Petit, Stella Sparkes, Robin Postle, Steve Chapman, Colin Leaford (hiding), Jo Bassingthwaighte, Sandy Howard, Phil Robinson, Shirley Frosdick and Lynne Semmens
Steve Chapman, Steve Roy, Stella Sparkes, Judy Kingsmill, Claire Marshall, Phil Robinson (behind), Chris Parnham, Guy Petit, Robin Postle, Sandy Howard, Lynne Semmens, Gill Norman, Jo Bassingthwaighte, Colin Leaford, Sue Muir, Shirley Frosdick
Visiting their old Housemistress: Shirley Frosdick, Annie Jones and Peppy Metson with Miss Colls

Moira Scott (Greenlee) writes: "We did ask [her age] ...she retired at 60 when we left in 1973, so she is to be 90 this year! She said all she needed was a new set of legs. She's quite 'with it' mentally i.e. no more forgetful of names than I am!"

Stella Sparkes and Jo Bassingthwaighte
Annie Jones, Shirley Frosdick and Peppy Metson
Wells girls together again: Moira Greenlee, Peppy Metson, Jo Bassingthwaighte, Shirley Frosdick, Annie Jones

The Abbot's Report

Yet again more than 25 hardy souls (predominantly from the ’66 to ’73 era) journeyed to North Norfolk for our fourth annual reunion. Elmham House (the hostel for the Roman Catholic/Anglican National Shrine of our Lady, Little Walsingham) provided our bed & breakfast accommodation (unfortunately the “dormitories” that some had so looked forward to staying in were only single or twin rooms!) with the Black Lion Hotel next door providing a buffet supper (and copious quantities of liquid sustenance!) for us in their Function Room.

This year the hostel was having a “Two for One” offer that gave the opportunity for some to partake of two nights B & B for the price of one (thus the weekends B & B cost was all of 15.25!). This enabled five of the Wells girls (Moira Greenlee; Shirley Frosdick; Peppy Metson; Anne Jones; Joanna Bassingthwaighte) to have their own mini reunion at the Red Lion in Stiffkey on the Friday evening prior to the main event on the following evening. The following morning they visited their old housemistress, Miss Colls, in West Runton, near Cromer.

It has always been gratifying to have so many positive responses from old & new attendees and after the previous three events, everyone seems to be as enthused about it and were prepared to travel long distances to spend time with their peers from nearly 30 years ago.

Six new faces appeared this year with Stella Sparkes coming the furthest (from the west coast of Canada) to join us. It was encouraging how “comfortable” everyone felt together after so many years apart. Whilst people may have changed on the outside, their demeanour & sense of humour remains.

It was another evening of reminiscences, laughter, “joshing” & more “I wonder what happened to ………?”

The following morning, some of the hungover contingent wanted to blow the cob-webs away, so 16 or so of us went for a stroll along Holkham beach, which was just what was required as it was a cold but bright day. It was good to have individual chats with people outside of the “pub” environment. Just one word to Judi for next year – high heels & sand don’t mix!!!!! Roll on next year.

Phil Robinson





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