Winchester 6th Form 1965

Back row: Carole Bailey, Linda Bunting, Jackie Simpson, Patsy Yeldon, Cilla Noon, Jill (Elizabeth?) Waker, Helen Woods, Una Adams, Merriel McAllister
Front Row: Bridget Benton, Muriel Arnold, Carol Combe, Diane Rogers, Miss Sauvain, Mary Spooner, Rosemary Daynes, Valerie Head, Sandra Watling.

"Jackie & I have stayed in touch since those days ... she lives near Newcastle.  As for me, I had a very brief sojourn to Cambridge to work when I left WC & then back to Norwich to Inst. of Food Research as a microbiologist.  Marriage, kids followed & I'm now to be found working in Hethersett Library, only a few miles away from WC.  Roger Garrard is one of our regulars so we have lots of chats about old times...he actually remembered me because I was in Miss. Pye's class when they started 'dating'  before she became Mrs.G.  He taught me English in the 1st year & frightened me to death!"

Linda Wyatt (Bunting) 1959-66

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