South Girls 1961
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Back row:  NK, Diane Wiley, Christabel Lewis, 2 x NK, Christina Gardiner, Susan Furbank, Beryl Smith, Pat Cawkwell, Shirley Lewin, Pam ---- (Hirst?), Mary Spooner, Diane ?, Julia Marsh, Rosemary Daynes, Alison Lowe, Priscilla Noon, Joyce Bird, Bridget Benton

4th row:  Maureen (Mush), Barbara Clare, NK, Judith Stacey, Mary Brundle, Sandra Stapley, Gillian Stolworthy ................. 4th from right .. Carole Finter

3rd row (seated):  NK, Rita Martin, NK, Elizabeth Morris, Margaret Bush, Bella Benton, Miss Wigham, Miss Harvey (Housemistress), Miss Nichol (Matron), NK, Linda Taylor, Carole Wyer, NK, Anne Stollery, Susan Cordle, NK

2nd Row:  Margaret Benstead, Patsy Yeldon, Jennifer Sedgley, Hilda Gent, Valerie Davidson, Helen Woods, Jill Waker, Diane Rogers, Sandra Watling, Rosemary Mullenger, Gloria Brown, Linda Bunting, Angela Towle, Valerie Head, Alma ?, NK
Front Row:  Tishy Crawford, Eileen Pearson, Catherine Bowden, Kathleen Jackson, Sandra Leeks, Lizzie Emmerson, Angela Taylor, Jane Cordle, Joan Smith, Mary Furbank, Wendy Wilkins, Thelma Worby ,Vivien ?, NK


"<Miss Nichol - Matron> .... used to prowl the dorms before lights out encouraging the girls to 'wash under and between'. I leave the rest to your imagination!!  Of course, I only had this information second-hand, being in Wells House." - Sue Harper

The following has been received from Wendy Mathieson (Wilkins):

I was recently looking at the website at house photos South Girls 1961 and I can add a couple of names for you as I am in that photo.

4th Row 1st NK on left Maureen ? – sorry I don’t have her surname was affectionately known as Mush
Front row NK between Elizabeth Emerson and Jane Cordle is Angela Taylor – Angela left in the following year
Front row Fourth from the right is Wendy Wilkins (me) and Thelma Worby is 3rd from the right. 2nd from the right is Vivien – again don’t recall her surname.

All the loving signatures on the back of my copy of this photo only give first names, at that age you think you will never forget!

I attended Wymondham College for 1 year and 1 term from 1960 – 1961. 2nd form girls slept in the annex near the sick bay and Miss Playel (not sure on the spelling) was the matron for this section.
From Wymondham I attended East Dereham Girls High for 3 years before my family emigrated to Australia in 1964. I now live in Brisbane Queensland.
I kept in touch with a number of the girls for several years but lost touch after I married.

Wendy Mathieson (nee Wilkins)

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