High Street Area (1961)

The visible halls are part of Fry on the left, then Peel Hall at the top end of the High Street and Lincoln beyond in front of the trees. The first hut on the left is hut 7 which as used first for Needlework but later was used by the History Department. Behind hut 7 and running along the side the the High Street is the Library and beyond is the Admin hut in which was also located the Tuck Shop. The bottom ends of the huts on the right are, from the top, 26, 28, 30 an 32.

Visible in the distance between Fry and Peel are a group of the former Officers' Plaster Huts that were used for staff 'chalet' accommodation.

A few years later, but prior to 1968, an additional hut was added, counted as part of hut 7 but a separate structure, starting behind the right side of the existing hut 7 and running parallel to the Library.

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