York House - 1964

Back Row: Mike Hammond (SEE BELOW), Les Gapp (glare upstaged by Mike), Stephen Tanner, John Amberton, Steven Deere, Mike Hornagold, Dave Busby, NK, Neville Skedge, Wallace Gowing, Geoff Doy, Tim Myhill, Richard Simmons, Alex Blake, Pete Bush, Brian Porter, Trevor Dodd, Christopher Leach, Michael Amberton, Gerald Williamson, Graham Hawken, John Metcalfe, Tommy Harrison, Timothy Howe, Patrick Spruce, Andrew Kapherr, James Busby.
Standing: John Dunn, Philip Gray, Michael Betts, Ian Kerridge, Paul Turner, George Zajicek, Martin Marsters, Richard Fuller, Paul Davies, Andrew Latten, Simon Holloway, Chris Ralls, John Gant, Tom Crawshaw.
Seated: Richard Abrahall, Kevin Kennedy, Edgar Riches, Tony Seymour, Mr Wood, Mr Herrington, Jack Hawkyard, Mrs Saunders, Mr Davitte, Merv Boast, Brian Perry, Herb Atkins, Trevor Chapman (the Prefects/House Prefects in this row received promotion after the previous incumbents (among the back row) were caught drinking in a Norwich pub, following a theatre trip.  Merv & Herb were doing a circuit of music shop windows at the time & hence 'clear').
Kneeling:  NK, Tanner Junior, NK, David Holloway, Nick Barton, Andrew Browne, Alan Dean, NK, NK, NK, Ivor Riches, Peter Lynn.
Front: Nick Rowe, Duncan Jones, Charles Simmons, Steven Lillywhite, Andrew Maudsley, ----- Randall, 'Charlie' Chaplin, Richard Smart, NK, Barry Wood, Keith Curtis.

Mike Hammond got a good rollocking off Jack when the prints arrived.  Still undaunted, 37 years later, Mike recreates the moment at the 2001 Anniversary Dinner:

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