North House Common Room
Lincoln Hall; 1961

David Childs (?), Chris Studd, Andrew Finlayson, Graham Hawken, NK
This was taken in the reading area opposite the entrance to the dining room.

Keith Davitte (deputy Housemaster), Sean Logan, Tony Allison, Robin Jackson,
Robert Bennett and John Fisher.

"Strange the items on the site that roll back the years; in particular the pictures taken in the North common room in 1961.  I could almost hear the gong going as we were summoned to the meal!  I used to home in on the library section in the shelves at the beginning of each half term to see what treasures had been renewed.  During the summer I used to read an average of almost one book per day off those shelves, mostly after lights out. I now have to wear 'specs so would struggle with after lights out reading!"

Peter Willimott

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