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East Coast Floods (1953) Film Extras (1955) Eastern Daily Press 1958?  

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'This College gives Youth a Stake in the Future'
The Cambridgeshire Times - 1961

"It's smashing here" chorused Glennis Milligan, Kathleen Stevens and Gillian Howe, all of Terrington St. Clement, and Jennifer Towson, of Gorefield, as they tidied up their seven-bed dormitory .....

Others named/pictured are: James Chapman, Jackie Warren, Ann Cousins, Robin Smith, Alan Marriott, Leslie Abbatt, Clive Morton, Mary Brundle, Ian Newby, Howard Bambridge, Martin Rose, Arthur Palmer, John Young and Jane Chapman, Peter LeGrice.  Plus Muz of course!


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EDP 24 May 1966 Muz's departure December 1970 EDP 2 December 1987  
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EDP 1980s Staff visit Bolton & Paul (date?)    
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Eastern Evening News
20 February 1990
Feeble EDP cartoon (1997) 10 March 1999  
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Paper NK - March 1999 Old Boy Trevor Manley - Lynn Mayor (EDP 12 January 2006)    
The December 2005 edition of Mathematics Teaching (the Quarterly Journal of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics) featured a photo of Wymondham College Class 1c 1954 on its cover.  The magazine's editor was looking for something appropriate to front the 50th Anniversary edition and found the photo in our 1950s Forms section.  The photo was taken by 'Doc' Staveley and our copy was kindly provided by Dennis Herrell.  It includes Geoffrey Holmes, Dennis Herrell, Adrian Smith, Robin Hall, Patrick Lawty, William Hurren, Gill Faraway, Margaret Wilson, Janis Jongman, Carole Gaines, Geraldine Ratchford and Freda Pearce, among others not yet identified.

If you are featured and would like a copy of the magazine, please drop me a line as I have just one left - Bill






Wymondham College Remembered