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Janet Williams Diana Worth Michelle Johnson and Mike Horn Neil Hart

Does anyone remember Vivienne Hillier who taught Economics and Politics at the College for many years? She arrived at the school as a newly qualified teacher having been a mature student and 4 years later became Head of Economics upon the retirement of Mr Peter Wigney. She was also Deputy Housemistress at Cavell Hall working alongside Adrian and Ann Hoare. Her daughter Charlotte and son Ben also attended WC. We haven’t got exact dates but she must have been there through the 1980s and up to retirement in about 1992.

Very sadly Vivienne died in December 2023 and her elder daughter Katharine would like to trace some of the people who knew her well. She has been put in touch with Adrian Hoare but there were others who may have worked in the same department. She had many happy and productive years at Wymondham and the family are planning to hold a celebration of her life in Norwich in the summer of this year. If there are any ex colleagues who would like to join them please get in touch. Katharine's email is

Judith Anne Cavanagh (formerly Hoyes) is trying to trace Felicity Newton, Rosemary Hughes, Christine Becket and Julie Howell 1951 - 1957. Email:

Jimmy Niblock is looking for Christopher 'Mouse' Moore. Please contact Julie if you can help:

Andrew Counsell (1968-75) is looking for Nigel Wainwright (1970-77) and Christine Wainwright nee Gent (1969-1976)  He was in touch a few years ago but has lost their email exchange and would like to re-establish contact

Marco Bagnoli is looking for Fiona Wheeley who was in Fry in 1977

Pamela Howe would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers her.  She was in Wells House and left after A levels in 1972 

Michael Armstrong is looking for Nicky Chittock. They were friends at Manchester University in the late 60s and he would like to be able to contact her.  Please email                                        

    Peter Cook (New Hall 77-82 & Lincoln 82-84) is trying to get in contact with Oliver Witton (New Hall 77-82 & Lincoln 82-84). Please email if you have any news.

    Ian Gomeche (Gloucester 1963-70) ( is seeking news of Jackie Gibbs (Worcester 1964-71). He would also like to hear from anyone else who remembers him!

Anne Kidner and Dyllis Deitch (as were) would love to get in contact with Sheena Barry, Erica Handell, Janet Meldrum and Sarah Wilson from Westminster House 1967 to 1972. Please contact Anne ( if you have any news of them.

  Margaret Chapman (Benstead)
is trying to trace Marion Adam - nickname Red (because of her lovely red hair). "We left in 1964 and lost touch. She lived in Birmingham and her father was in the RAF.
Please email if you have any news of Marion.

    Jennie Foster (Clarke) would like to try to trace her fellow boarders from 1967 in Wakefield as it was then before the New Hall Reunion this month. She is looking for Liz Browning, Virginia Campbell, Prue Curry, Sally-Anne Derbyshire, Selena Hogg, Frances Scarratt, Judith Tye, Amanda Morse, Sandra Willmott. She is still in touch with Sandra (Partridge) Deacon -

    Dawn Urry (Eade) ( 1976 - 1983 Newhall then Lincoln
is looking for an updated email address for Scott Wedderburn .

    Stephen Farthing ( would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew him when he was at the college between 1963 and 1970.

    Les Abbatt ( is looking for Peter Bush,Tim Myhill, Kevin Kennedy, Colin Greenfield, Brian Perry, Barrie and Trevor Corless.

    Alison Davey ( left Wymondham in 1962 and is keen to know about fellow students in that year and 1961. She recently bumped into Janet Heathcote, nee Fincham, in Norwich and would particularly like to know about Bella Benton, Louise Chaney, Linda Taylor, Frances Harwood, Hazel Bennett and Anne Stollery.

    Richard (Spud) Sparrow, South House, and Susan (Spud) Rudd, now Susan Sparrow, East House
( were at Wymondham College in the late 50’s until 1962 and would be interested in hearing from any of our old friends. We now live in southern Ontario in Canada.

    Neil Hart
is looking for Mike Horn from 1986-1987. Please contact Julie if you can help.

    Diana Worth is looking for her cousin Janet Williams, who would now be in her early sixties. She was a boarder at Wymondham College and her parents, Ellen nee Johnson and Dennis Williams lived in Rougham in Norfolk at the time. Her father, alas, had schizophrenia and was hospitalised during her childhood. We have lost touch and I would be grateful if anyone can shed any light on what happened to her. Please contact Julie and she will put you in touch. .

Terry Moore (Merence) writes: "
My name is Terry Moore (and it seems now that in a former incarnation I was known as ‘Merence’), whilst serving “my time” at Wymondham College although I was let out for “good behaviour” in June of 1971. I would be interested in making contact with any of old my former “chums” from about the time 1968 to 1971 since these were my last years at Wymondham. I was in Canterbury House (now known as Kett Hall), and in particular I would like to hear from the sisters Louise and Kate Oxley, Margaret Spain, Judy Linden-Ball and Heather Schpanzki (I do hope that’s spelt correctly)!, after all, it’s been 43 years since I left! I turned a ‘youthful’ 62 years of age this May so I hope that some of the early/mid 60’s intake can remember me although if they owe me money, they’d better watch out! My email address is

    Ann Pyles (Dunhill) is looking for Howard and Rachel Shingles. She would also love to hear from Gillian Langley, Pauline Gyton and Jean Spatheky . Please contact Julie and she will put you in touch. .

    Valerie Douglass (Watson)
would love to hear from Linda Osborne, who was her best friend in Worcester House from 1961 to 1963 . Please contact Julie and she will put you in touch. .

    Leanda Walford did Physical Education teaching practice at Wymondham in 1966 … is anyone around from then ? and she is trying to trace a French student who was teaching there at the same time ? would like to hear from anyone who remembers her. Please contact Julie and she will put you in touch. .

    Johanna Cook (now Griffiths) (70-75 Yare and Peel) would like to hear from anyone who remembers her. Please contact Julie and she will put you in touch. She also wonders if anyone has any contact details for Christopher Maurer, if so please contact Julie.

    Chris Cobby ( would like to contact Adrian Smith (71-77) last known living in Aylsham in the early Eighties.

Mike Stacey writes: "I am one of the original 'guinea pigs' that opened up the College in April 1951. I was able to make a visit to the 'new' (to me) College last summer and that brought back some nostalgia. Since then I have given some thought about trying to get together the names of the very first students. With the help of the WCA site, memory, David Spinks and Hazel Turnbull (Leveridge) I have put together a list of names. However it is top heavy with boys names to the extent I think I have more names than originally started in April!  I believe there were 60 of us, with an almost even split between boys and girls. I wondered if you could put an advert on the site for me in an effort to collect all the names. I am sure there must be readers of the site, readers of the school magazine and probably family of founder members still at the College (grandchildren by now I expect!!). If anyone can give me any information I will be most grateful.   My email address is mws

    Bill Blakie ( is looking for Maria Benstead and would love to hear from her.

    Peter Hammond ( has lost touch with David Richard and Sarah Turner from the Eighties and would love to hear from them.

Philip Wade ( and the 60s Bunch would like to trace Joy Smith, Timothy Webb,   Lynda Ashby, Michael Browning, and Martin Masters

    Steve Clarke would like to contact Maurice Jackson and Victor Kirk, both with me in most classes between 1952 and 1957. I lost contact with Maurice in 1963 when I was in the Navy. We were all in East House. Maurice was living in East Harling and Victor used to live near King's Lynn. My e-mail address is

    Des Skinner is looking for Keith Hudson. Keith was an RAF Supply Officer in Australia c.1965-66, married (wife’s name not known) with one daughter (at that time) called Anne.Please email

    I'm trying to track down Lucy Stringer who was in school with me in 1981/2 at Bishops Hatfield Girls School, she moved to Wymondham College in 82 I think. Would love to hook up with her again! Vanessa O'Loughlin

    Sandra Herrington is looking for Ros Uff for a get together.

    Simon Stevens is trying to reach Alex Haverson who was at WC in the early '90s.

    John Sendall is looking for Robert Read with whom he was at school at Costessey. "Robert joined Wymondham in 1951 and left to attend (I think) Aston, and thence to a successful career with Perkins Diesel Engines. We lost touch, owing entirely to my failure as a correspondent, when Perkins posted him to Brazil some time in the sixties. Until then we were very close friends and I should never have allowed our relationship to lapse. It would be good to be reconciled with him before we both shuffle off. I have reason to think that he now lives in Sheringham."

    I left in 1991 and have been trying to get hold of Garry Lee, Ross Clarridge, Sadie Davies at the time, even Justin Brown my housemaster's son the good old Mr Brown aka POMPUS as he was well known for saying and anyone else who can remember me. Andy Cox

    Having just registered as an 'old girl' (1959-66) I found myself in the hockey pictures 1st XI for 64/65 and 66 - oh so much younger then!! Wondered if anyone of the other girls might like to get in touch? Maiden name back then was Valerie Head (now Nesbitt).

   Lesley Green (Harbottle) would love to get in touch with Christopher Moore, known as Mouse .... we were in Kett Hall till 1976. I lost touch with him in the last few years....I was known as Buzz, and would love to hear from anyone else who knows at

    Tony Foley (Mr A D Foley and Mrs C M Foley) who taught at the College between 1974 and 1977 would like to locate a colleague from that time who they have lost contact with in the last two or three years. Delphine Coiley is her name and for many years we exchanged Christmas cards when she lived in Thetford.

    Marcus Chapman (Cavell '82 to '87, Peel '87 to 89), would like any one to get in contact who remembers him and would like to reminisce about the good old days at especially would like to hear from Sparrow, Sparky, Wiggy, Doc Blair et al.  Also I would like to get in touch with my old Law Teacher, Karen Savage (Hazelton) as she is the reason I became a Personal Injury and Disputes Resolution Lawyer.

    Jeremy Trett would like to get back in touch with members of the College band the June Recruits. "We were at College from 1986 to 1988. The other members were: Tony Jones, Dan Bates and Graham Jordan. I lost contact some 19 years ago!".  If any of you are out there you can get in touch with Jeremy at

    Giles Bignold would like to contact Dudley Christie and Steven Nickerson. If Dudley or Steven are out there and would like to get in touch, email us and we will pass on your details.

    Where is John Wright-Nooth or his sister Susan? Jan Turner has been searching for him for a long time now.

    Janet Cummings (possibly now Lemon?);  had sisters Sarah and Joanna.  Her father was a Wing Commander in the RAF and they lived at RAF Marham Norfolk, then Bracknell in Berkshire.   Diana Smith (nee Ebbs), now of Downham Market, would like to get in touch. Diana - please contact us because your e-mail address no longer works!

    Judith Williams (nee Chambers), now living in Reading, is seeking Diane Walker of East House (Fry Hall) who left in 1966 and joined the Army.

    From the Norwich Evening News, 6th June 2001:  Margaret Blanchflower (Gardiner) and Anne Kelly (Read), who were among the very first boarders at the College, are trying to trace their old friends Myrtle Richards, Sheila Curson, Valerie Brown and Deanna Drake.

    Ruth (Hales) Richardson, Julia (Haes) Gibbons and Sue Culley would like to contact Pamela Keeley (East House Girls 1957 intake) and Sanchia Underwood (1963 leaver - Wells House Captain).

    Brian (Bryn) Harper (East/Norwich 56-63) wants to regain contact with Tony Dyson and Michael ('Tich') Davidson.


    Mark Newman (Norwich, then Peel, 1970-77) would like to hear from Michael Carol, John Skene, Sean Cunningham, Simon Scales, David Bird, Jane Hill, Gillian Munn, Carol Seaman, Matt Paines, Grant Scott and Mallory Boothby.  He's already in contact with Robert Golding, Neil Kirby and Margot Stone

    Found on the Evening News ex-pats website: 'My name is Marion Rost (nee Marsh). I attended Sutherland House School in Cromer from 1966-1970.  After that I was a pupil at Wymondham College until 1973.  I  have lived in Germany since 1977.  I would like to get in touch with any old friends.'

    Craig Clayton (62-66), now in California, is looking for the following old friends: Jane Button, Linda Pocock, Jeremy Hood, Timothy Fitt and 'Bert' Lancaster

   Kim Grimson (Chambers) was a County Grammar School student  1969-70; having to leave early when her family emigrated to Australia.  Kim would like to get in touch with schoolmates Hilary Slater and Janet Burrell, .... and teachers Mr & Mrs Harris, Miss Bowles, Mr Metters, Mr Lewis & Miss Jackson

    Phil Vozza would like to trace Gavin Kedar (emigrated to Australia and vanished) and Peter Hooper (both circa 1972-1979 Gloucester/Cavell and Peel).

   Enid Stanbrook-Evans (Watson) is looking for Bronwen Dale and Christine Hulme.  Bronwen (nickname 'Blodwin') was last known to be "Wren Dale" serving in the WRNS at Portsmouth.  She was in Westminster house years back and probably left in 1962 in the 5th year.  Christine's father was in the RAF. She had two brothers Keith and I think Michael.  All went to WC.   In the last letter from Christine she was living in New Zealand and about to marry a Kiwi. She was in Westminster house too. [A Christopher Hulme was in 1A with me in 58 - Ed.] 

    Jerry Linden-Ball is trying to trace Mike Churcher (1972), who possibly went to work at Lloyds Bank in the Weybridge area after leaving WC.

    Paul Hazzard would like to get in touch with Alison Drewitt (that was her maiden name), who was at the College 1977-82.  Please contact

    Phil Legrove left WyCol in 1972 to join the Junior Leaders Regiment at Harrogate.  His parents lived at Docking.  Colin Farrington lost track of him in the late 70's, but would very much like to regain contact.

    David Mason, occasionally known as Dix, was at WC from 1955 till 1961 in East House (latterly Salisbury), would like to hear from any of his old contemporaries.  He remembers that he and Kevin Kennedy made valiant attempts to corner the market in second hand 45's and succeeded for a while!

    Sarah Hemstead is looking for Amanda Ross who was in Fry House between 1979 - 1984.  Sarah lost touch with her after 1986 and would love to hear from her again or any news on her.

    David Honley - sometimes known as "Bronco" - was a member of Gloucester house in the early 1960s and was a wizard at Chemistry.  His father, an RAF Group Captain, numbered Douglas Bader among his friends.  Patrick Turner  ( is keen to get back in touch and would also like to hear from Valerie Pine (1959-66) and South/Gloucester pupils David Church (1959-65), Horace Hare (1959-66) and Malcolm Girling (1959-66).

    Vanessa Harding (70's) would like to contact the following people that shared a dorm with her in Fry Hall: Deb and Barb Cairns, Jane Eyre, Claire Goldie, Helen Gundry, Lisa Rowe and Ruth Howard.  Vanessa hopes to be able to organise a 'get together' with them all sometime next year.

    June Payne (nee King), who was at WC from 1952-1956, would like to find her old friend Ann Harrison

    Does anyone have any news of Greg Powell, Ivor Riches and Ian Watling; all who would have left Wymondham College in 1968?  Linda Hudson (nee Pocock), 1963 to 1968, would like to get in touch.

    Paul Waymark was in CGS 1967-74 and writes: "I still have very close ties with the College as my brother-in-law is Roger Morgan, games master at the school and my sister Jane taught at the school after leaving college.  Unfortunately I have lost contact with my closest friends Martin Keeley, Trevor Bowes, Dave Cartwright (who married Martin's sister), Graham Kett and anybody who was in the same year as myself.  I last met Martin and Trevor about 10 years ago when Martin worked for Reckitt & Colman in Lisbon, Portugal and Trevor worked as a Quantity Surveyor for a Norwich building company."   Paul now lives in Willerby (Hull) .... but we don't have his e-mail address!  Please drop us a line if you read this Paul.

    Steve Farthing writes:  "Does anyone have E-Mail addresses for Richard Gilead, Brian Langham, Tim Warren or Ernie Parsons (the English Teacher) and Wibbly Wood (Physics, who I believe married and was teaching in Kent in the 70's)?  Can anyone also remember the name of the Vicar of Morley who taught RE in the mid 60s?"

    Trevor Corless would like to contact Mal Ryder and Paul Townsend

    Ben Carter would dearly love to have copies of the 1st XV photos from 1980 (his first year in the team) and 1981.  His own were lost 'in the dim reaches of time.' If you can help, please contact us or drop Ben a line at

    Gillian Charlton, nee Spencer was at Wymondham from 1969 to 1976 in Winchester House (later to become Cavell).  She now lives in Bensville, NSW, Australia with her GP husband and two children; Adelaide and Fletcher.   "Having completed a Geography degree, Nursing Diploma and teaching Diploma I now find myself running asthma clinics in my husband's surgery.  Forced to tolerate my son and husband playing the drums, I am looking for some distraction and would love to hear from my old friends.  If something is not done soon I will also find myself having to watch the World Cup soccer!"

    John Harris was a boarder in Kett Hall and left the College in 1979 as a 16 year old.  He would like to hear from his old chums Steve Frewer, Mark Strong, Jeremy Hardingham and anyone else who remembers him.

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  Clive Beckett was at the College 1955-60 & left as a 5th Former.  He's now living in Clearwater Florida and runs his own Marketing & Design Company.  That's Clive at the left of the photo, with his wife Lynne and two visitors from the UK.  He'd love to hear from his old friends ...

    Kevin Shippey (1972 -79; Peel) was bass guitarist in the late Seventies band 'The Popes' with C.J. Burton (drums) and Dougy Walters (lead guitar and lead vocals).  Says Kevin: "I have many fond memories of playing music (badly) with the rest of the guys, CJ and Dougie. Where are you now? Fancy a jam? Believe or not I am still travelling up and down the country playing in a semi-pro band."

    Peter Nicholls (West House, 1956-62) would like to get in contact with any of his old old friends, especially Thomas Lawrence

   If any old friends of Norman Daniels (Grammar 1952-1955) would like to get in touch, Norman can be contacted through his sister Joyce Pycroft (1951-55) at

    Richard Goodchild (1984-1988) would like to hear from anyone who was in the same year from Cavell House

Mike Stacey writes: "I am one of the original 'guinea pigs' that opened up the College in April 1951. I was able to make a visit to the 'new' (to me) College this summer and that brought back some nostalgia. Since then I have given some thought about trying to get together the names of the very first students. With the help of the WCA site, memory, David Spinks and Hazel Turnbull (Leveridge) I have put together a list of names. However it is top heavy with boys names to the extent I think I have more names than originally started in April!  I believe there were 60 of us, with an almost even split between boys and girls. I wondered if you could put an advert on the site for me in an effort to collect all the names. I am sure there must be readers of the site, readers of the school magazine and probably family of founder members still at the College (grandchildren by now I expect!!). If anyone can give me any information I will be most grateful.   My email address is "

    David Thorogood (Kett and New Hall in the 70's) would like to get in touch with Nigel Shepherd, Henry Swales, Paul Vignaux, Rory Mathers ...

    Janette Smith (nee Beaumont) was at the College 1970 -1974 and was initially in Worcester and later in Lincoln.  Her father was based at RAF Sculthorpe.  She shared a dorm with Melanie Herd, Christine Butler and Jayne Walker amongst others. Her House Wardens were Miss Battye in Worcester and Mr Rutherford in Lincoln.  She would love to hear from anyone around in those days and bring back some great memories.

    Pauline Simpson (Vincent) - Yum-Yum in Mikado 1970 - would love to hear from Westminster House girls, 1963-70; Louise Oxley, Stephanie Johnson, Maggie ..., Diana ... , Julia Nicholls, Dorothy ..., Janet Adams, also any others from this era, including Chris Garner, David Bowerin, Barry Shepherd
[Chris Garner, Louise Oxley, Julia Nicholls, Janet Adams and David Bowerin are all listed on the Wymondham College Association database at - Ed.]

    Colin Hague (1951-54) would like to get in touch with his old friend George Mcneil

    Mike Herring would like to make contact with any members of the 1950s skiffle group.  He has contact with Dave Turner (It!), but would love to hear from Bryan (Baby) Newman, last seen in South London in the late 70's, George Watson (who could actually play guitar), Fisky and any other old members of the band.

Where are you Kevin Sparks?  An old friend of yours from Germany, Joe McGonagle ( has been in touch and is keen to link up with you and your sister Theresa, as is Keith Gilby (  We've tried to contact you via the WCA database, but no success to date.

    Anne 'Chicken' Fawell writes: "I was at WC from 53-59 and would like to contact anyone who remembers me! I note from the Newsletter that John Beales is active with the Association. He was in my class and I remember going with him and his (then) girlfriend to his parents' pub one weekend (out of bounds, I guess!) . I also remember Suzanne Scott, Valerie Ball, David Burdett (who was head boy, I think) and Adrian Osler. Anyway, hope to hear from someone!

    Eric Bruce Peacock (otherwise known as 'Choppy'), attended the College in the 1950s.  He later emigrated to South Africa.   We have heard from his daughter Eileen that, sadly, he passed away a number of years ago.  All personal records of his time at Wymondham have been lost, but Eileen would love to find out as much as she can about his early life.  If you knew Eric, please get in touch with Eileen at

    Barry Adkins (North House 1954-59) is keen to re-establish contact with Robert Mapes, Michael Hulme (used to live in the Preston Area, but is not in the phone book), David Tilson (lived in East Winch) and Diana Gosling (left in 1960 and lived in East Dereham).  Please get in touch with Barry at

    Trevor Lincoln is trying to contact Carol Hazard who was at the College in the early Sixties. .

    Rhiannon Williams studied at the College from 1995 until 2002, as did her mother Gillian (nee Bishop; 1960s in Worcester House).  Gill passed away almost five years ago and Rhiannon would like to make contact with anyone who knew Gill, or has photographs of her.

    Philip Bacon writes: "I would like to make contact with Ray (R.J.) Smith (Nicknamed unfairly ‘Screwball’ by the Art master, great characters, both!) and Gerald Gunton (Captain 1st XV) who were in the college with me from 1955 to 1962.My Nickname was Sam (after Sam Pig adventures)!  Ray went to Birmingham University and read Civil Engineering. We last met in 1963 at a college ball at Rugby College of Engineering Technology. Gerald became a Geography teacher and married Chris Vincent (also same years) who was at Canley Teacher Training College (Now Warwick University) and we used to meet there occasionally where I met my wife.  It would be great to make contact with them or Chris to find out what has happened over the years.  Best wishes, Phil Bacon (Sam) (Now living in Wales, Monmouthshire)

[Gerald and Chris were at the 2005 Reunion and we have passed Phil's message on to them via the WCA database web site]

    Colin Leaford asks if we ".... can find anything out about a Brian Norwood who was at the College in the 1950s and lived next door to my Mother in Station Road, Snettisham . Mum wanted to go to Wymondham too but her mother wouldn’t let her.  She just wondered what happened to him. There is a picture showing him in ’59 at eng_trip1.html.  Contact  .

    Dawn Tupper (formerly Burlingham) would like to get in contact with Pam Medlock and Sue Speed.  Dawn was a year older but was quite friendly with both girls.

    Lisa Curry (Kett then Lincoln, 1988 - 1995) Now working for the District Council in Huntingdon promoting healthy lifestyles. Is hoping to get in touch with Garrick Munday, Ben Handford, Sarah White, Jo Doy, Garry Bond, Dodie Treplin among many others. Can be contacted on

    Shirley Barber (Rogotzki) is looking for Ruth Palmer. They were both at the College 1966 - 1972.

    John Mayes was at WC 1955-1962 and would like to get in touch with John 'Fred' Lowton.  Fred is probably a solicitor, having been articled to a Thetford firm.

    Can you help? ....... "I believe that Dave Corbridge was at your school before coming to Bicester Grammar School (Oxfordshire) in 1962/3. The picture in your gallery is of him doing the straddle.  Have you any idea where he is now, as we are organizing another reunion and would love to get in touch with him?" -

    Hilary Schoop (1960-1968; now Hilary Ambler) has often wondered what became of her schoolmate Patricia Elmslie.  Does anyone know?

    Received from Marney Timms (

I have just been onto the Remembered site on behalf of my father who was at Wymondham around 1959/1960.  I was looking through the old rugby team photos that you have on the site and he was in one of them - Paul Timms in the 1st XV team in 1959/1960.

My Dad has been reminiscing about his school days a great deal recently and I would love to get a good copy of the photo reproduced and framed for him [
trying to arrange this - Ed.].  It would be great if you could forward my message to any of the team members as I know that Dad would love to get in touch with them again to talk about old times and see where people got to.

I can't believe that when my Dad was merely 17 years old my name may have been influenced by Mr Marney!

    Alan Loose writes:

I am trying to regain contact with two ex-New Hall students from the 1970s; Martin Warren, who I have had no contact with since 1979, and Gordon James, who I did contact about 3 years ago when he was flying out of Birmingham as a charter pilot.  I think my e-mail was filtering out his e-mails and sending them to the junk file so I lost contact after exchanging only a couple of messages.  My address is

    Trevor Lincoln would like to contact Steven Hazzard who was in the choir in 1966 -


    Valerie Grounds - now living in Libby, Montana USA (raising Boston Terriers):


 "I was at Wymondham somewhere around 54 to 56 - I would love to hear from some of the girls.  I remember Ann Smith, (she used to date Mick Herring); I saw him on the Old Boys picture and recognized him immediately.  David Spinks was there when I was there, and there was that Beatnik-type art teacher, I cannot remember his name but he played the piano and smoked at the same time, blues and jazz were his favorites. I had a stroke last year and it is hard for me to remember names .... but I remember the skiffle group, at least Mick Herring.  At the dances we danced properly in front of the teachers and then rock and rolled in the parts where they couldn't see us.  I also remember the under-house mistress, whose favorite saying was "Give Over" and Mr. Metcalfe ... "It has come to my attention..."  Val Curtiss (nee Grounds)


    Steve Kirk (Cavell 1972-78) is trying to locate Louise Coote, who was in Cavell in the early 1970s.  If anyone knows of her whereabouts or has any current contact details, Steve would love to get back in touch.


    Received from Anneke Davies:


"William Trevithick was a student at Wymondham, probably between the years 1966 - 1972. I was not a pupil but was a pen friend to 'Trev' (my parents on holiday in Norfolk put my name and address in a bottle and threw it out to sea, he picked it up on the next beach along the coast) during his time there and for some years after that. We lost touch and I have moved, house and country, many times since then and wondered where he was now. If you can help, contact me by e mail:


    "I visited the College from 1996-2000 from year 10 till A-levels.  I used to live in Kett Hall. My problem is that I have lost contact  with all of my friends from then, due to going back to Germany.  Maybe it is possible to get back in contact through here?"  Oliver Clasen;


    Gary O'Shea ( is keen to contact the York House ‘splinter group:’

    Adrian Dubock asks: "What happened to my friend Alfred Ernest Jack Paul Joseph Tagliaferro (from Malta)? We sang "Michael rowed the boat ashore, hallelujah" , and many Beatles songs, together.  He was (probably still is) a great character."

    Marcus Chapman (Cavell '82 to '87, Peel '87 to 89), would like any one to get in contact who remembers him and would like to reminisce about the good old days at, especially would like to hear from Sparrow, Sparky, Wiggy, Doc Blair et al.

Can you put a note out to see if anyone has an address/e-mail for Kate Setchell?   She was a great friend! I was in Kett 1985-1990.   My e-mail address is   Thanks,  Max Gidney.

    I think that the Gerry Moon featured in your website photograph went on to teach PE and I was one of his pupils at a British Forces School in Cyprus in 1969/70.  I met him again several years ago when I was teaching at a school (now closed) in Guildford.   My old school, St John's (Episkopi) is holding a reunion in September 2008.  We'd love to invite Gerry. Are you able to assist me in contacting him, please?  Steve Holbrook (

    Where are they now?

I guess we all started in 1976 and left 7 years later!  I would love to know!!  

Regards, Scott Wedderburn (

    From Jennie Rogers (nee Sedgley): 

    Muriel Davie would love to know if anyone is in touch with Lesley Kirby

    We have heard from Cherry Knights (nee Hillen, Westminster 1969-1971):

I was at Wymondham College for 2 years; Sept 1969 in the 5th year as a new 3rd (do they still have them?), leaving July 1971 from the Lower 6th. The name of my House was Westminster - Mr & Mrs Brand were in charge. I still think of Mr Brand whenever I hear "Three little maids are we" from the Mikado - he was brill in that!  If they are still there, perhaps you would send my regards to them both please?

Through Friends Reunited, I've "talked" to Lori Kent & Julia Braithwaite. I'd love to contact Christine Meilsch (whose nickname was Fred because no-one could pronounce her surname).  She was a new 3rd as well, but very brainy!!  She was from North Walsham. As I had only just moved to Norfolk a month before, I didn't know where that was! Lori, Julia & Fred were all in my house.

Sue Napier is Sue Lowe from Winchester House (over the far side!); she lives round the corner from me. She's very disabled with rheumatoid arthritis. Also from Winchester is Christine Roberts. Her nickname was Harry as she looked & walked like the Great train robber Harry Roberts. She's married. Became a nurse, then a sister in Midwifery, travelling all over the poorer parts of the world. Most people get fatter as they get older - Harry went the other way! I still keep in touch with her via email & Christmas letter (as you do!!). She & her husband Walter live up North. Sue, Chri & I were in classes together.

Alan Webb lives round the corner from me in Hellesdon. I don't know what house he was in. His nickname was "Killer" - he nearly throttled a boy who made a pass at his then girlfriend Sylvia Skpanski (that's how it sounds not how's it's spelt!) [I believe it's Szczepanski - Ed.].  Sylvia was in the 5th & Lower 6th with me. Alan was a year ahead.  My boyfriend was Mike Frosdick. He had a brother called David ('Diddy') & a sister who were all there at the same time as us. Mike & I were engaged, but distance became a real problem for us. He went to Uni in the Midlands somwhere. I applied & was accepted at Addenbrookes & one in the Midlands near Mike but I had to get Maths 'O' level. I had 3 attempts but just could not pass (I ended up working for Midland Bank for 24 years instead - all figure work!!). I wanted to be a radiographer or a physiotherapist. I had the Human Bio AS level but  - no maths, no place. So Mike & I split up.

I've never seen Nick Excell again but I "kept tabs" on him via his older brother, who was one of my customers at the bank. You can see where I work now by my details. I've been here 6 years now. The pay is awful but I have the best boss EVER & I love it. Like the footballers say "I want to end my working career here if I can." My profile on Friends Reunited is slightly out of date now I suspect!

Thank you for reading my rambling email - allowing me to think back to the good old days!

Kind regards,

Cherry Knights (nee Hillen)
Lotteries Office
Norwich City Football Club
Carrow Road

    From Hugh C. Fathers (Canterbury 1969-71):

I am looking for anyone that was part of the (new) 3rd intake of 1969, in particular Stuart (Gangle) Campbell of Canterbury House.  Also would be interested in hearing from anyone that was in the WC Swimming team from 1969.

    Karen Savage (Hazleton) has been in touch: "I taught at WC from 1981 until 1998.  Introduced Law and Sociology to Sixth Form. Lived in Kett, Lincoln and Cavell. Went on to Headington School Oxford and then lived in Manchester for 6 years doing bits of teaching and became a magistrate. Now Housemistress at Stonar School near Bath. Still run a lot."   We do have an email contact if anyone would like to get in touch with Karen.

Please let us know if:
(1) folk are found and can be deleted, and/or
(2) e-mail addresses have changed






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