"The manner in which one endures what must be endured is more important than the thing that must be endured"
US Secretary of State Dean Acheson (who was Guest of Honour at the College's first Speech Day in 1958)

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A light-hearted look back over the past 69 years

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Last update: 30th September 2020        
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100 Club

The September OW 100 Club draw was carried out at The Old Bell in Saham Toney and this month’s winners were:-

Liz [Sasada] and Neil Bishop – residents of Narborough


John Mewse - resident of Tharston [John is the current OW Chairman]

Cheques in the sum of £55.00 each are on their way. 

Steve and I were joined by Simon Turtle, Neil & Liz [Sasada] Bishop and Beverly Sennett [Millard]. Bev drew the numbers for us. The Old Bell had set up a dedicated marquee for its customers with the pub itself being out of bounds [apart for loo access]. The staff were friendly and attentive and kept us supplied with beverages during the evening. You will note that we were able to comply with the “Rule of 6”, which was more luck than judgement! Liz & Neil joined the 100 club in 2014 and this is their first win! It just goes to show that, if you attend the draw, your number is more likely to win – although it has taken 6 years to prove this rather dodgy statistic!!

All being well, the October OW 100 Club draw will be held at The Angel at Larling on Wednesday 21st October at 8.00pm

You should be able to see the marquee that they have set up from their Facebook page. If it is anything like the one at the Old Bell, it will be ideal for carrying out the draw in a Covid safe environment.

Hope to see some of you there.

BTW – The Old Wymondhamians have made a donation to East Anglia's Children's Hospice Nook Appeal in memory of Michael Brand.


Phil Robinson

OW 100 club administrator - Philrobinson55@btinternet.com


P.S.   I have been made aware of a revitalised Facebook page recently renamed “Wymondham College Alumni” which has lots of interesting comments and reminicences:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1532014457127574

It’s a “Private Group” so you might need to be “approved” by a current member.


P.P.S Just a reminder that the “The Chapel Project” appeal was launched with the aim of preserving the last remaining Nissen hut at the college. The Old Wymondhamians have made a substantial donation to this cause although it doesn’t show up on this “running total” page.


More details can be seen at here:- https://www.wymondhamcollege.org/404/news/post/41/the-chapel-project


If any of the above links do not work, please copy and paste into your browser.  Ed.




100 Club 2018 appeal

Blank Mandate




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September Update

 Sad News

Many of you will have already seen the sad news of the passing of Mr Michael Brand, who was a much loved member of the College staff.  There have been many tributes to him on facebook pages and a tribute was also posted on the College website by Adrian and Anne Hoare who knew him very well, which is copied below.    There is also a link to the EDP Announcement in Phil's update above.                

Michael Brand 19 April 1938 – 11 September 2020

Michael and Anne Brand were at the heart of the College community from the 1960s to the 1990s when Michael was Housemaster of Elizabeth Fry Hall for many years. A Head of House at Wymondham College is a very responsible and demanding role for both the Head and family and he was lucky to have had incredible support and loyalty from Anne. Michael and Anne were invited to the Queen’s Garden party at Buckingham Palace in recognition of their contribution to boarding education at Wymondham College.

For a time Adrian, Housemaster of Cavell lived next door to Michael. They were very good friends and rivals. Though Adrian was ‘keen’ enough, he had nothing on Michael who spent much of his precious free time on the games field supporting his teams who were invariably successful.

Many pupils have reason to be grateful to Michael who was an excellent and successful Science teacher.

During the time when Michael was out of the boarding house, he and Andrew Seeley worked hard to foster the ‘out of school activities’ which were a vital part of boarding school life. He was always on hand as well, to help Chris Sayer with the Saturday night film.

One of his passions was tennis and he gave a lot of his time to running the College tennis teams. Another of his talents was singing. Many will remember with pleasure seeing Michael as Major General Stanley in Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance. It was one of the many leading roles he took on.

As a supporter of the Parents Staff Association he organised a group of pupils to go out early in the morning with him to pick strawberries for sale at the Summer Fayre. He was a champion of the Old Wymondhamians and a great supporter of the Wymondham College Trust Appeal whose efforts saved the College from closure in the 1980s. He continued to serve the Trust during his retirement.

There have been tough times for Michael and Anne in recent years, but he leaves behind a wonderful family, Simon and Jen, Aidan and Lisa, Justin and Jo, Katherine and Alex and their children Jacob, Rupert and Beatrice, Gracie and Alice, Eva and Eddy. But there is also an even larger family out there whose home was Elizabeth Fry Hall.

Michael had very high standards for himself and others but there is no doubt that at the heart of everything he did was the welfare of Wymondham College students. In that regard he was the school’s ‘Mr Chips’.

Adrian & Anne Hoare



OW Golf Day and Reunion 2021

A note from Bob:

"Following the cancellation of this year's Golf Day and Reunion, my hotel contacts have been very understanding and helpful and I have provisionally rebooked for the first weekend in July next year.  2021 is the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the College and we hope there will be some event at the College to which we are invited.  My hotel contact is aware of this and when we have confirmation of a date it will hopefully enable us to rearrange the date of our Golf Day and Reunion if necessary.  You will recall it was the 50th Anniversary in 2001 when we had our first Golf Day and Reunion.     

Best Wishes - keep safe, Bob" 











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College News

Delight as Wymondham College earns 'outstanding' inspection grade
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
Wymondham College was given the education and social care watchdog's highest grade in all three key areas, including quality of care and support, ..

Leading Norfolk figure Lady Ralphs passes away at the age of 99
Norwich Evening News

She was governor of Norwich School, Wymondham College and Culford School and was president of the Norwich branch of the United Nations


“Do everything you can” to get your children a place at Wymondham ...
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
Wymondham College has been included in a list of 20 schools society magazine Tatler claims are the “creme de la creme” of the state sector.



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